Thursday, 14 July 2011

Embarrassing-with a capital E!

Ok,so first things first. I had to come up with a whole list of all the embarrassing moments of my life. Know the weirdest part though? Despite the fact that my life is brimming over with such moments,I could hardly think of even one of them back then. So much for being a blogger *disappointed*
   Oh so anyway,I rummaged all through my brain and finally came up with the following embarrassing moments that are very much probable in the daily lives of teenage hooligans like me:
1. Not knowing answer to the question your Physics teacher suddenly throws at you and all the blinking eyes in that room glues to your face and you could totally tell that you are blushing crimson,completely mortifying yourself,especially when your crush is sitting right next to you,expecting you to answer the question correctly. And you know what sucks more? That person not only being your crush but also a Physics genious,that's what. And then you just sit there idle,staring blankly at the teacher instead,as if you do not have a thing in this world to talk about,the teacher passes you indignant looks that you could so tell means,'There is no hope for you.' But you still continue to sit in complete silence.I know,i know,silence may be golden and all that blah blah stuff - but only for 4 seconds. Anything longer and you are heading for A.A (Awkward Avenue) and the countdown is going to creep you out soon.But whatever,back to my embarrassing moment talk. So there you are,finding the silence haunting and thinking,not for the first time,that life should come with a trap door. Just a little exit hatch you could disappear through when you'd utterly mortified yourself. Or when you had spontaneous zit eruptions.But life does not come with a trap door and so you get to live the momentary-but apparently never ending episode you wish you never had to live.

2. Best advice I never took: do NOT stare.
 It is completely abashing when you are conveniently staring at a person to your heart's content and he/she suddenly raises his/her eyes to stare directly back at you. Good Heavens. And then the look you try to plaster on your face,hoping it would convince that person to actually believe that you were only experimenting if the 'I have a feeling that someone is staring at me' mantra really works.

3. Everytime your mom or dad comes to you with 'THE LOOK' on his/her face,and you know it is time for what you dread the most. THE TALK. And you always know that its going to be major embarrassing. P.S: And you totally do not want me to go in details about those talks. Trust me on this one *winks*

4. Also when you have an attack of 'Crazy Mouth' whenever any guy tries to talk to you. Like at the time when I really wanted to go to the bathroom on my last Board paper,and being mere candidates,me and my bffs (Marz and Reebz), were fairly lost,a guy approached us (and I couldn't help noticing that he was even kinda cute. Score!) And the following is how our convo went:
Him: Looking for someone or something? *smiles*
Me: know...we were just...
(Marz and Reebz runs away,leaving me standing alone)
Him: Oh,I get it! You want me to show you around?
Me: Erm,no thanks,we are just about to go in for our exam.
Me: you come here often?
Him: No,I study here.
Me: Oh,ofcourse you do,why wouldn't you? Not me though. Well not that often. Maybe only thrice this month. But not often enough to know where the bathrooms are. Ha-ha!
Please give a warm welcome to Alyza Anees,our new Miss.Crazy-Mouth-Strikes-Again-Girl of the year! *groans*

5. Sometimes having superhearing supersucks. Because then,you even get to hear stuff about you that you do not want to hear. Occassionaly,people may go all 'What's up with her hair?' behind your back,and 'Oh,what's that on her nose?' 'Only her glasses' *snickers* at other times.
 And when you are all dressed up for an event and knows you look gorgeous and all those cute guys just wouldn't pass you meaningful smiles for nothing,you accidently-on-purpose eavesdrop, ' OmiGod,check out her dress!' 'Well atleast its a 'lil' prettier than the gunnysack Molly Ringwald wore in Pretty in Pink!' And then you have a sinking feeling in your stomach,leaving you all 'dress-conscious' and you feel like adjusting those girls' faces by punching them right on their witch noses,only you remind yourself to be polite (even though they'd just COMPLETELY embarrassed you in front of all those hot men!) P.S: Not really that actually :P You only feel tied by certain restrains,or you would have showed those cow-faced ******* Buahaha! 3:)


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