Friday, 15 July 2011

Silent Before The Storm

Complete silence.
Inexplicable darkness.                                                                                                                            I am lying in a void. And there is no way out...The mud around me feels..oh God! I can not feel! I try to make my eyes get accustomed to my surrounding. And then I feel it! The Ultimate feeling. And it feels so surreal. My leg does not belong to me anymore. Oh.My.God. There is a jittery feeling travelling up my spine. Shoot,I can not move my fingers!
It is so hard to concentrate now. I feel so numb.
Why am I rising in the air?
Air! I can breathe!
No,wait.But I am not breathing at all..
I feel so if I am flying..
I look around myself in utter confusion. There are tombstones all around me. I bend down to touch the tomb I am hovering over,and the next instance,I was moving away from it as fast as I could. My head had just went right through it and the sight that met me..
Is it possible that I am standing here outside the tomb and still be sleeping in it at the same time?
Perplexed,my eyes rest on that grave's tombstone.
'Humanity lies here in peace'
Huh? I am dead? But how is that possible? I am standing right here...My thoughts broke in between when it suddenly dawned upon me. But I am not standing at all. I,floating. My body has released me.
  Apprehensively,I float away from the graveyard and eventually approach a local district. There are people here. LOTS of people.
'How can she just leave us in such a plight?'
'Whatever is going to become of us without her?'
'How can this world be the same peaceful place for us to live in?'
Tonight is the death night of Humanity.
  There is commotion all around me. People are mourning over my death. 'But I am right amongst them! Listen to my cries,O People! Acknowledge my presence,my existence...' I mutely plead,shedding salty tears.
  There is something very subtle about this whole thing. I can not make myself appear in front of these susceptible people and they apparently did not have the power to comprehend what is going on. I am amidst them,but yet beyond their understanding and vision...
'They ain't 'human' enough to feel me here,' I finally confess regretfully,'The reason why they have been deprived of me..'
My heart refuses to accept the bitter truth. I know what is going to become of them without me around...And it would be too excruciating to merely behold. And I also know that when the sun will rise again tomorrow,nobody would bother to miss good ol' Humanity..they will continue to do what they have been doing for quite a while now. Excavating their own Failures. Slaves of their own lust. It is a dog eat dog world now. And there is no Humanity anymore to delay their destruction..
The Moment Is About To Come.
The Day of Final Decision.
And this world is never going to be the same place.

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