Sunday, 14 April 2013

So excited!

From the lack of comments on my posts, I have deduced that my absence has stimulated the loss of all those who bothered even slightly to read the first line of my post, yet were generous enough to still leave a comment ( which I have always cherished ).


Oh well, anyway.

So I have to attend a carnival at my school tomorrow and I have yet to decide what to wear. All my girlfriends are like texting me and asking the same question, the million-dollar question: WHAT TO WEAR?!

The dress dilemma.

I cannot think of any girl who has not fallen into it yet. Each one of has to encounter it atleast once in a lifetime. Actually, it is somewhat amusing you know?  I have a wardrobe brimming with dresses, Mashallah, and yet I cant precisely decide on one -.- My parents are like so, so fed up of me. I drag them to take me shopping to get me a new outfit for every single event at my school, but now they downright refuse, and try to talk me into wearing my old ones which I havn`t worn at my new school yet. Reasonable, yes, but I just can`t choose from them and so that means that I should just get a new dress and there would be no more thinking, problem solved!

I have only just washed my hair and applied henna on my hands,did my nails and now I am thinking of grabbing some sleep since I have to wake up at 6 to get ready. The carnival starts at 9 but I`m gonna be at my BFF`s till then and we`ll get ready together, have some girl time together and then make off to school.

I am totally psyched about tomorrow, despite a new zit on my face. But well, who cares? Nothing some make-up can`t fix.

I might post the carnival pics up here so you can stay tuned if you want, ciao! :)


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

An Ordinary post.

I was lying on my bed this afternoon, trying to sleep, when I came across a serious realization. As if an entire pail of cold water has been poured right on me. It was harsh, yet I would not, I cannot, deny that it is the bitter truth I have been trying so hard to avoid.

The truth about my real self.

I realized how ordinary each one of us is.
You. Her. Me.

I have been under an illusion for so long... Since it is a personal matter, I would not specify the exact point, but the gist being this that one does not remain the same forever. Human beings tend to experience change. Evolution. I do not entirely understand the exact degree or nature of this word but I do know that it has something to do with change, alteration.

What I intend to make clear is that not everyone of us gets to keep either their family, or wealth, or beauty, or all of them, forever.

Sigh. I really cannot comprehend what I am blabbing right now, so I`ll just end it here. Discover who you really are. At the right time.   Do not consider yourself superior than those around you, 'cause geez really, what IS there to be proud of? We are all the same. Mere, Ordinary beings with just different ambitions.

So thereby I present you my blog`s new outlook.

From 'The realm of a glamorous nerd', it changes to 'An Ordinary girl.' Because this is the real me. I am not glamorous. It was just something I WISHED to be when I was immature ( since I was passing through that star-struck phase ) Infact, I do not want to be glamorous anymore. I love being the simple me. I am what they call stylish, but not glamorous no. But I do not care a whit. I have the most amazing bunch of people in my life who love me for me. Even on days when I have huge zit-eruptions. They love me even when I have messed up big time.

What more can one wish for? :)

Friday, 5 April 2013

Wild for Wilde!

I am in a major rush right now, dropped by only to say hi! :D
I was just roaming about to find some useful stuff for my literature exam tomorrow on Oscar Wilde`s 'An Ideal Husband', and I came across this certain person`s blog about Oscar Wilde, and since I own a blog myself, I got nostalgic and thus this post.

Yes, he`s sheer awesome <3
Witty, sarcastic and satirical, all simultaneously!

That person had posted this quote of Oscar Wilde`s, one of his very last ones, 'One of us must go' and it left me teary-eyed. I felt obliged to comment there but thanks to those jerky spam thingies, I could not. And therefore I made up my mind to mention it here instead, in a meager hope that someday perhaps he`ll stumble here on my blog and would read this and would be eternally thankful to me ( for even thinking of commenting on his post,since no one else has.) No,really,I am not  making fun of him or anything, it is just this that i am much taken aback at HOW can people resist praising such an attempt? I personally was so touched that it became my inspiration. No kidding.

So, Oscar Wilde...
Had he been alive today, I am certain we would have been contently married by now, sipping hot chocolate in our garden, with our little kids frolicking about. And I would have gotten Ossy to teach our children as awesome epigrams as their dad comes up with <3

Oh why art thou so amazing? *_* 

And that reminds me -.-
I have a literature paper tomorrow!
I know I shouldn`t be squandering my time day-dreaming here, so I beg your pardon for being the impossibly insane loser that I am. But I do ask you to keep your fingers crossed for me for an A again this year in my CIE exam. Puweez? ^_^

So ciao,I hope to return soon!

Stay awesome :*

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Apologies! xx

Hey there guys... I`ve absolutely got no time to post these days, sorry about that. Totally. But someday (one of these days, I mean :$ ) I`m gonna post a long, long, loooong post to make up for this. I promise. Pinky swear ^_^

P.S: I did pretty well in that elocution contest but didn`t get the position. Ok,that I already knew. My teacher was really pleased with my performance though. So that pretty much makes up for it, I guess :)

For the time being, know that I`m having fun... <3

Catch you guys later! love loads xx

Thursday, 11 October 2012

In hot soup.

Tomorrow is the elocution contest in my new school and I dunno what got into me when I decided to give it  a bloody try. And now just LOOK what I`ve gotten myself into!

Before you disregard my complains and stop reading my post right here, lemme just explain why I`m freaking out so.much. So, it was supposed to go like really, really good, and I KNOW it`s so obsessed of me, but I began assuming myself as the only eloquent participant but it was not until today when three of  them came striding down the hallway and approached my literature teacher, who happens to be our guide through all this, their hair all glossy, faces beaming proudly and that`s right when I went like wham! -.- The moment I heard their poems, all complemented by feverish gestures and exaggerated facial expressions, I knew I have to kiss the 1st position goodbye.

And just before you start thinking that I might be really bad at it, and the other people even worse, except those three of course, lemme just enlighten you that I`m not. I`m pretty good. BUT: we are not going to have a mike and it`s a huge room and since my voice is not-so-loud and my face all expressionless and with me dissolving in a fit of giggles every time I attempt to perform a dramatic gesticulation.

Thus, I`m now an absolute nervous wreck and the most pathetic thing about it is that it ain`t even a worthy reason to freak out at. I know. Count on moi to make a mountain out of a mole any day -.-

So I totally hope things go well tomorrow, wish me luck! (:

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Back on track,oh yeah! ;)

Eeeee! I`m back!!! :D

Sounds much cliché-d already, eh? I love clichés. And ' I`m so glad to be back here again' is just one of the many :$ I`m SO sorry about my disappearance for so long. I checked out my activity graph and it had this steep negative slope, almost non-existent -.-

I got kidnapped.

Yes :|

And it was so bloody scary. But then a bunch of some totally hot hunks saved my life and now I`m most obliged to them for the rest of my remaining life.. The most charming of them kneeled down and with my slender palm held in his protective hand, he proposed me. Like totally. Right there in front of this whole wide world. And it was raining... and since I was chilled to my bones and was literally shivering ( from excitement/cold/lack of nutrition in my body ) he took off his mackintosh and draped it around my slumped shoulders.. Everyone around gasped  in sheer envy, as the tears of ecstasy rolled down my eyes and mixed carelessly with the tiny rain droplets on my beautiful face. Despite a sore throat from continuous yelling for help, I contrived a yes. Joyous, he swept me off my feet and there I was,  being twirled in the sky by my future, beloved husband...  It was almost like that novel Kidnapped by R.L.Stevenson cum Cinderella`s tale.

Okay, okay, I`m only kidding. I am so totally bored at the moment and so I`m making things up. Ignore me.

So, I`m positive that most of my readers must`ve long ago stopped keeping track of my posts ( since I havn`t posted anything in like 2 whole weeks) But I`m sure they`d be more than willing to do so again when they hear the tragic tale of my disappearance *weeps mutely*

*Waiting patiently for another far-fetched story to hit me*

Okay, I`ve got none.

So here`s the simple, boring truth: My PC broke down.

You see, staying away from all you guys, not updating my Facebook status and remaining oblivious to the happenings of the social site are severe punishments for me enough. So I`m damn sure, the kind-hearted folks you are, that you`ll let me get away with it for the last time yet again, and continue to visit my blog on regular basis to stay updated on the mash-ups of my messed-up life.

P.S: My new school is absolutely rocking <3

Toodles, you Awesome Pawsome people, I love you! :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

It never rains but pours! :D

I love this one,my boyfie took it <3
"Save a boyfriend for rainy days - and another, in case it doesn`t rain."
Mae West.

I read the above quote on Jewel`s blog and absolutely fell for it. It`s so bloody hilarious, in such a serious manner, haha.

So, since I started this post with a rain quote, it is entirely going to be about how I enjoyed my last few days when it has been raining so heavily. Even though I couldn`t grab a hearty shower under the divine pour, just a few drops when it drizzled occasionally, I enjoyed the rain sitting well-dried under the shelter nevertheless. And all that time I suppressed the constant urge to drag myself under the roofless sky and shriek and jump my heart out feverishly, but since I hate the post- rain wetness so much, I contrived to remain glued to my spot, and watched the scenic rain while enjoying a steaming mug of Chocolate-y milk.

Pre-rain sky from my roof
Beautiful,no? (:

I had been gathering up some important notes from my O`level books when I found myself distracted by the clear,blue sky ( Not to mention: the constant rantings from my mum to come down and also bring down all the clothes that had been left upstairs to dry before it starts raining. :P )

The Photography lover I am, I grabbed my cellphone and hastily shot some clicks of the sky, wondering what if it rained that very instant, leaving me ( and to my horror, my new cellphone ) all wet and destroyed?

Soon the blue sky evolved itself into a dark shade, announcing the imminent rain! Oh the joy! <3

And sure enough, within a brief span of only five minutes, the clouds thundered joyfully and the kids in the lane screamed with ecstasy. Much to everyone`s joy, it was raining!!! :D

Eeee! Only seconds before the clouds made way <3

Really, I must say, the Karachites have waited long, long for these rainy days. But as usual, it has been worth waiting for. That day too, when I left for home on my first day of school, there were small streams meandering on the road, faces   radiating with happiness, clothes wet and sticky, emphasizing the silhouettes, and beads of water stagnant on people`s faces everywhere I looked! :D

I thanked God for not wearing that thin City uniform, pleased at the fact that I can get myself as wet as I want <3 But of course, bathing in rain also meant that I had to put my flop bangs at stake and spare them yet another chance to make me look as hideous as possible, but back then, I did not give a shit. Really.

And the best thing of all, I collected some bilboties! :D I used to collect them when I was a kid, with my friends :P We used to have this competition who collects more and we even had this really lame rhyme prepared up merely for this purpose! Good times..  <3

Check out the bilboties :P

Forever alone kawwa (crow) :P

The red, velvet-y crawlies! <3