Sunday, 11 November 2012

Apologies! xx

Hey there guys... I`ve absolutely got no time to post these days, sorry about that. Totally. But someday (one of these days, I mean :$ ) I`m gonna post a long, long, loooong post to make up for this. I promise. Pinky swear ^_^

P.S: I did pretty well in that elocution contest but didn`t get the position. Ok,that I already knew. My teacher was really pleased with my performance though. So that pretty much makes up for it, I guess :)

For the time being, know that I`m having fun... <3

Catch you guys later! love loads xx


  1. Heeeyyy Long Time!
    I hate how studies n school stuff takes away the blog time. But it's worth it if the rest of the stuff gives us stories to tell at the blog :D

    Well standing up after the fall is what counts. Win the contest next time! :)

  2. Wahh same story here. Idk how to manage anymore :(

  3. Missed you a lot! Even when I saw you daily in the school bus! :p

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