Friday, 5 April 2013

Wild for Wilde!

I am in a major rush right now, dropped by only to say hi! :D
I was just roaming about to find some useful stuff for my literature exam tomorrow on Oscar Wilde`s 'An Ideal Husband', and I came across this certain person`s blog about Oscar Wilde, and since I own a blog myself, I got nostalgic and thus this post.

Yes, he`s sheer awesome <3
Witty, sarcastic and satirical, all simultaneously!

That person had posted this quote of Oscar Wilde`s, one of his very last ones, 'One of us must go' and it left me teary-eyed. I felt obliged to comment there but thanks to those jerky spam thingies, I could not. And therefore I made up my mind to mention it here instead, in a meager hope that someday perhaps he`ll stumble here on my blog and would read this and would be eternally thankful to me ( for even thinking of commenting on his post,since no one else has.) No,really,I am not  making fun of him or anything, it is just this that i am much taken aback at HOW can people resist praising such an attempt? I personally was so touched that it became my inspiration. No kidding.

So, Oscar Wilde...
Had he been alive today, I am certain we would have been contently married by now, sipping hot chocolate in our garden, with our little kids frolicking about. And I would have gotten Ossy to teach our children as awesome epigrams as their dad comes up with <3

Oh why art thou so amazing? *_* 

And that reminds me -.-
I have a literature paper tomorrow!
I know I shouldn`t be squandering my time day-dreaming here, so I beg your pardon for being the impossibly insane loser that I am. But I do ask you to keep your fingers crossed for me for an A again this year in my CIE exam. Puweez? ^_^

So ciao,I hope to return soon!

Stay awesome :*


  1. Thanks Izdiher,it went good :)

  2. Not to crush your dreams but wasn't Oscar Wilde more interested in men?

    Well, he was bisexual I think but still, preference to men.

  3. Yeah he was. A girl can wish though,right? :P


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