Tuesday, 9 April 2013

An Ordinary post.

I was lying on my bed this afternoon, trying to sleep, when I came across a serious realization. As if an entire pail of cold water has been poured right on me. It was harsh, yet I would not, I cannot, deny that it is the bitter truth I have been trying so hard to avoid.

The truth about my real self.

I realized how ordinary each one of us is.
You. Her. Me.

I have been under an illusion for so long... Since it is a personal matter, I would not specify the exact point, but the gist being this that one does not remain the same forever. Human beings tend to experience change. Evolution. I do not entirely understand the exact degree or nature of this word but I do know that it has something to do with change, alteration.

What I intend to make clear is that not everyone of us gets to keep either their family, or wealth, or beauty, or all of them, forever.

Sigh. I really cannot comprehend what I am blabbing right now, so I`ll just end it here. Discover who you really are. At the right time.   Do not consider yourself superior than those around you, 'cause geez really, what IS there to be proud of? We are all the same. Mere, Ordinary beings with just different ambitions.

So thereby I present you my blog`s new outlook.

From 'The realm of a glamorous nerd', it changes to 'An Ordinary girl.' Because this is the real me. I am not glamorous. It was just something I WISHED to be when I was immature ( since I was passing through that star-struck phase ) Infact, I do not want to be glamorous anymore. I love being the simple me. I am what they call stylish, but not glamorous no. But I do not care a whit. I have the most amazing bunch of people in my life who love me for me. Even on days when I have huge zit-eruptions. They love me even when I have messed up big time.

What more can one wish for? :)


  1. awwww.. very inspiring post. I have so many thoughts in my mind but I can't blog about it. :( Good thing you can tell your readers about this matter. :) Keep it up!

    Jewel Clicks

  2. thanks Jewel,you are always so sweet :)


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