Sunday, 14 April 2013

So excited!

From the lack of comments on my posts, I have deduced that my absence has stimulated the loss of all those who bothered even slightly to read the first line of my post, yet were generous enough to still leave a comment ( which I have always cherished ).


Oh well, anyway.

So I have to attend a carnival at my school tomorrow and I have yet to decide what to wear. All my girlfriends are like texting me and asking the same question, the million-dollar question: WHAT TO WEAR?!

The dress dilemma.

I cannot think of any girl who has not fallen into it yet. Each one of has to encounter it atleast once in a lifetime. Actually, it is somewhat amusing you know?  I have a wardrobe brimming with dresses, Mashallah, and yet I cant precisely decide on one -.- My parents are like so, so fed up of me. I drag them to take me shopping to get me a new outfit for every single event at my school, but now they downright refuse, and try to talk me into wearing my old ones which I havn`t worn at my new school yet. Reasonable, yes, but I just can`t choose from them and so that means that I should just get a new dress and there would be no more thinking, problem solved!

I have only just washed my hair and applied henna on my hands,did my nails and now I am thinking of grabbing some sleep since I have to wake up at 6 to get ready. The carnival starts at 9 but I`m gonna be at my BFF`s till then and we`ll get ready together, have some girl time together and then make off to school.

I am totally psyched about tomorrow, despite a new zit on my face. But well, who cares? Nothing some make-up can`t fix.

I might post the carnival pics up here so you can stay tuned if you want, ciao! :)



  1. Well, everyone of us do face the same fashion emergency!
    I wish you get the problem solved!
    Have fun!

  2. It's nice to be a guy. Sort of fancy? Slap on a tie? Really fancy? Wear a suit.

    Problem solved.

  3. Hmmm... a help from a sister or friend is a must! :D

    Jewel Clicks

  4. Heeeeeeeey :D I love your new title, I love your new layout and I love you for coming back :D (or maybe that's late to say now )
    I know this post is old, but anyway. i hope the carnival went over the awesome :)
    I also know you're currently having your A'levels as I write this. So a hugeeee Good luck to you. May you ace the Cambridge with flying colors :)
    Lots of love xx

  5. hey :D this is komal (kanwal's sister--i hope you know me)i have recently started blogging and thus visited your blog too. i just simply love it, you write soo well MA. And sure best of luck for your A'levels. i would really like if you also join my blog.:)te address is
    warm regards.

  6. sorry im bit late warna i would have helped you about this dress dilemma as i consider myself as a Fashion Guru :)

    hope the carnival thing went fine as you have not written about it... and yes when you are absent for a long time, it does affect the blog readers and visitors..same happened to me :(

  7. Hi, I've shifted my blog to Schimi's Espace: follow me there to keep connected. I will follow back. Thanks =)

  8. Very nice...11 I absolutely enjoyed reading do check out my blog too :)
    with love ,

  9. Nice post :) Well, we are sailing on the same ship :p Even i get around 800 views a months and very very few comments on my blog posts :/

  10. Oh,well, last year archive is few compared to my previous years, we all have that kind of moment, i am so happy that I am back on track on blogging because I have something to share and of course, you too! Looking forward for your carnival pics! :)


    Jewel Clicks

  11. Aaand, here's a comment! :D

    Oh and, I changed my blog's URL to


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