Thursday, 11 October 2012

In hot soup.

Tomorrow is the elocution contest in my new school and I dunno what got into me when I decided to give it  a bloody try. And now just LOOK what I`ve gotten myself into!

Before you disregard my complains and stop reading my post right here, lemme just explain why I`m freaking out so.much. So, it was supposed to go like really, really good, and I KNOW it`s so obsessed of me, but I began assuming myself as the only eloquent participant but it was not until today when three of  them came striding down the hallway and approached my literature teacher, who happens to be our guide through all this, their hair all glossy, faces beaming proudly and that`s right when I went like wham! -.- The moment I heard their poems, all complemented by feverish gestures and exaggerated facial expressions, I knew I have to kiss the 1st position goodbye.

And just before you start thinking that I might be really bad at it, and the other people even worse, except those three of course, lemme just enlighten you that I`m not. I`m pretty good. BUT: we are not going to have a mike and it`s a huge room and since my voice is not-so-loud and my face all expressionless and with me dissolving in a fit of giggles every time I attempt to perform a dramatic gesticulation.

Thus, I`m now an absolute nervous wreck and the most pathetic thing about it is that it ain`t even a worthy reason to freak out at. I know. Count on moi to make a mountain out of a mole any day -.-

So I totally hope things go well tomorrow, wish me luck! (:


  1. You'll be fine. Tell us how it went. For now All the best :)
    +Not Just My Allegories+

  2. You'll be great Lizzie! Don't worry!

  3. Best of luck to you, I'm sure you'll do fine.

  4. I'm sure you've won the first prize already. Congratulations!

  5. Girl, it's totally valid to feel this way. I'm sure you did great! Let us know!!


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