Sunday, 7 October 2012

Back on track,oh yeah! ;)

Eeeee! I`m back!!! :D

Sounds much cliché-d already, eh? I love clichés. And ' I`m so glad to be back here again' is just one of the many :$ I`m SO sorry about my disappearance for so long. I checked out my activity graph and it had this steep negative slope, almost non-existent -.-

I got kidnapped.

Yes :|

And it was so bloody scary. But then a bunch of some totally hot hunks saved my life and now I`m most obliged to them for the rest of my remaining life.. The most charming of them kneeled down and with my slender palm held in his protective hand, he proposed me. Like totally. Right there in front of this whole wide world. And it was raining... and since I was chilled to my bones and was literally shivering ( from excitement/cold/lack of nutrition in my body ) he took off his mackintosh and draped it around my slumped shoulders.. Everyone around gasped  in sheer envy, as the tears of ecstasy rolled down my eyes and mixed carelessly with the tiny rain droplets on my beautiful face. Despite a sore throat from continuous yelling for help, I contrived a yes. Joyous, he swept me off my feet and there I was,  being twirled in the sky by my future, beloved husband...  It was almost like that novel Kidnapped by R.L.Stevenson cum Cinderella`s tale.

Okay, okay, I`m only kidding. I am so totally bored at the moment and so I`m making things up. Ignore me.

So, I`m positive that most of my readers must`ve long ago stopped keeping track of my posts ( since I havn`t posted anything in like 2 whole weeks) But I`m sure they`d be more than willing to do so again when they hear the tragic tale of my disappearance *weeps mutely*

*Waiting patiently for another far-fetched story to hit me*

Okay, I`ve got none.

So here`s the simple, boring truth: My PC broke down.

You see, staying away from all you guys, not updating my Facebook status and remaining oblivious to the happenings of the social site are severe punishments for me enough. So I`m damn sure, the kind-hearted folks you are, that you`ll let me get away with it for the last time yet again, and continue to visit my blog on regular basis to stay updated on the mash-ups of my messed-up life.

P.S: My new school is absolutely rocking <3

Toodles, you Awesome Pawsome people, I love you! :)


  1. Cool blog theme... :)
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  2. Well...we will let you go for this time but not again! :P

    1. Haha,I`m sure I wouldn`t do it deliberately next time :P

    2. You both have to follow back my blog OK! :P And keep visiting there... :)
      Stay Blessed
      Followed you BTW... :)


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