Sunday, 9 September 2012

It never rains but pours! :D

I love this one,my boyfie took it <3
"Save a boyfriend for rainy days - and another, in case it doesn`t rain."
Mae West.

I read the above quote on Jewel`s blog and absolutely fell for it. It`s so bloody hilarious, in such a serious manner, haha.

So, since I started this post with a rain quote, it is entirely going to be about how I enjoyed my last few days when it has been raining so heavily. Even though I couldn`t grab a hearty shower under the divine pour, just a few drops when it drizzled occasionally, I enjoyed the rain sitting well-dried under the shelter nevertheless. And all that time I suppressed the constant urge to drag myself under the roofless sky and shriek and jump my heart out feverishly, but since I hate the post- rain wetness so much, I contrived to remain glued to my spot, and watched the scenic rain while enjoying a steaming mug of Chocolate-y milk.

Pre-rain sky from my roof
Beautiful,no? (:

I had been gathering up some important notes from my O`level books when I found myself distracted by the clear,blue sky ( Not to mention: the constant rantings from my mum to come down and also bring down all the clothes that had been left upstairs to dry before it starts raining. :P )

The Photography lover I am, I grabbed my cellphone and hastily shot some clicks of the sky, wondering what if it rained that very instant, leaving me ( and to my horror, my new cellphone ) all wet and destroyed?

Soon the blue sky evolved itself into a dark shade, announcing the imminent rain! Oh the joy! <3

And sure enough, within a brief span of only five minutes, the clouds thundered joyfully and the kids in the lane screamed with ecstasy. Much to everyone`s joy, it was raining!!! :D

Eeee! Only seconds before the clouds made way <3

Really, I must say, the Karachites have waited long, long for these rainy days. But as usual, it has been worth waiting for. That day too, when I left for home on my first day of school, there were small streams meandering on the road, faces   radiating with happiness, clothes wet and sticky, emphasizing the silhouettes, and beads of water stagnant on people`s faces everywhere I looked! :D

I thanked God for not wearing that thin City uniform, pleased at the fact that I can get myself as wet as I want <3 But of course, bathing in rain also meant that I had to put my flop bangs at stake and spare them yet another chance to make me look as hideous as possible, but back then, I did not give a shit. Really.

And the best thing of all, I collected some bilboties! :D I used to collect them when I was a kid, with my friends :P We used to have this competition who collects more and we even had this really lame rhyme prepared up merely for this purpose! Good times..  <3

Check out the bilboties :P

Forever alone kawwa (crow) :P

The red, velvet-y crawlies! <3 


  1. Hello Aliza :) Great post about rainy days :) same weather here. :)

    Jewel Clicks

  2. You really Love the rain then!!
    I don't :(
    It just spoils my day when I have to go out..:p
    I Love rain only at night when I'm warm under my blankets :0

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  3. Jewel:,thanks <3 Cheers :)
    Anisha: Hehe,kinda :P Aww...that is dreadful,I know! I hate getting myself wet too :(

    N i love the weather we have at Karachi these days :')
    Bechara kawwa :p

  5. In view of the load shedding and humid hot weather, the rain is a blessing but it's wrong timing as the harvest has been destroyed. God forbid! a step closer to famine.
    The people are already suffering more than enough.
    Nevertheless, sight of the clouds in your post give some taskeen to my eyes however a look at the lonely crow makes me sad.
    Aliza! I admire your presentation, it's fabulous!!!!

  6. I love rain in all its stages. I can't stand the sun and heat and I can't have either of those when it's raining. :P

  7. Lubaina: Me too! Haha,hell yeah :P
    Tariq Uncle: Yeah,we should not forget the plight of those less fortunate ones for whom rain is only a bad tiding. You are very considerate,sir. Thank you,appreciation from you means so much :)
    DWei: I kind of like the sun,when it`s being kind :P Not the heat though,hehe.

  8. What?? I have never seen bugs like that in my LIFE! They are a beautiful color!! And now that I don't have to deal with much rain, I absolutely love it :)

  9. Yeah,i dunno what do we call these insects in english but in urdu we call them bilboti :D High5! me too xx thanks for your comment :)


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