Monday, 18 July 2011

My 10 Guilty Pleasures (=

Ok,I,ll tell you the truth. However much I waited and waited and waited for the stupid Ms.Inspiration to hit me,she just did not..and so I had to come up with this instead. It is not anything like my previous blogs,but I like it simple (= And more because it is about me <3                                                                                                

Singing to myself when I am alone-so as to spare others' ears from the deadly torture,and-sometimes-to my friends to let them know that they just ain't the only serious competitor in the Worst Singing Competition.

Dancing in my shower- and believe me,this thing is OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD.

Talking to myself in the mirror-this one is my most favourite one :D and P.S: do NOT think that I am possessed by aliens. Because I am not.

  Filling up my diary about how ugly my girl enemies are.Buahaha! <3

                                   Daydreaming *winks*

Sketching myself in outfits that are too scandalous to wear in practical life.

 Ok,this one is a lil too embarrassing,but Jam-e-Sheeren. I happen to find it surprisingly refreshing,hehe.

              Acting like a total moron around my sisters <3

                                  Chocolate macaroons! <3

 Next time you have a chilled cold drink-preferably black or white-try it differently by adding a pinch of salt in
    it. It bubbles up more and its even more fun to gulp it down your throat.


  1. loved the honesty...:P btw talking in the mirror..sktching urself in scandulous outfits...singing when alone...gurl i FEEL you:D:PPP

  2. @areeba sha and freezeroid: (: @aimen: :D <3

  3. The floodgate to feelings: ahahaha,i know I kind of you know,spilled all my beans :P Doesnt every oder girl? :D @the i feel you part :P

  4. Love it ;)

    Check out my blog <3

  5. The floodgates of feelings and tay tay: following!follow back (: xox

  6. BUWhahahahaahhaah we ahve a lotttttttttt of things in common other than just our name ;) and I don't dance while showering I did once ;) and It was not a good idea ;) I fell :P so im a bit cautious *over cautious* noww ;)and I hate JAm-e-sherren its soooooooo MEETHA :P


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