Friday, 2 September 2011

She awaits you,Prince Charming! (=

'And the handsome prince came astride on his sturdy,white stallion to take the beautiful,blonde princess away to his kingdom where their matrimony was embraced with much joy and they lived long and happily together..'

Rings a bell?
The forever enjoyed cliche,indeed.
I have always wondered how everything in a fairy tale is just so disturbingly perfect.Perfect looks,perfect parents,perfect life and eventually even a perfect husband! The optimism of fairy tales,in which the good overcomes the wicked and the humble outwits the proud,leaves some of us,like moi,in serious distress.
It is absolutely pissing off. To tell you the truth,its always the villains in our 'I-have-grown-up-hearing-them-with-an-open-mouth-from-my-grand mere' fairy tales that I end up sympathising with.

The princesses always gets to live the best. She has filthy affluent parents,drop-death gorgeous looks,fab a nut shell,anything and everything a typical girl like you and me could wish for. Who could blame Snow White or Cinderella`s poor step-moms to wish for a life like that?Who would not? (wish for a life like that,I mean)

Personally,I have always hated those 'Picture Perfect' princesses.There is something peculiarly,unsettlingly unrealistic about them. I mean,EVERYTHING is just so destined to go right in their life!
Unless-of course-when my dear villians show up to try their hands at it but oh-so-sly-princesses! they always contrive a way out of it. And most of the time,Fairy God mothers,old rusty lamp ginnie or 'We-live-in-the-woods-alone' seven,nosy dwarves et cetera,are more than willing to help them out of it.

                    Come on! does that,like EVER,happen in practical life? 'rolls eyes'

If you ask me,fairy tales always  makes me feel bad about myself. I remember how I used to-and still do-waste several hours merely staring at the divine,heavenly body of the moon,trying to figure out why a fairy God-mother could not visit ME for a pleasant change

Ah,but now that I have grown up,I completely realize how I have been thrust into a world of 'wish-fulfillment fantasies' by the far-fetched and exaggerated tales,revolving around royalties and mystical creatures.
Also,I realize how being a royal is not the only thing that makes up a princess.

A princess does not,necessarily,have to be a royal,or rich,or even gorgeous.

princess can be a normal girl...    
Like you-and me..! <3

Megan Fox`s Jennifer`s body`s premiere`s spectacular floor-length dress-the colour of flames-instead of a frilly ball gown,sexy loose waves in hair instead of tight perms..proms and dances instead of royal engine car in place of a two horsed chariot,a 21st century two-storey house replacing magnificent palace,a football hunk as THE crush material instead of Mr.Prince Charming and of course an high school arch enemy to fill up the vacancy of an evil witch ( Despite the fact that I would not,even a whit,mind calling my arch-enemies THAT,buahaha 3:) )

All you need to know is: every story is a fairy tale. Although they are nothing like the ordinary Cinderella tale you have been reading. They are a story of a struggling girl,like us,who is eventually suitably rewarded for all her troubles. Yet,you would see apparent glimpses of a princess in her,craving from every fiber of her heart for true love and a desire for a happy ending.

It is love,not money,rank or power,that makes the world go round. Even those who proudly protest they will never marry,cannot deny the delicious warmth of love;their fate is to lose their hearts. For lovers,the road from 'once upon a time..' to '...happily ever after' can be long and hard,but there are no hardships or terrors that those, inspired by true love,cannot endure and eventually overcome.
Every girl wishes to be a princess deep in her heart.What most of them do not know is there already is an inborne princess in them.It is just waiting patiently inside for just the right time to come (=

So dear pretty girl,who is reading this,you are a princess in yourself <3 Even if everything is just not as 'perfect' in your life as the princess from fairy tales,do not fret! if your love awaits you, there is not a thing in this world that could conspire successfully against you.

'Turn and peep,turn and peep
 There is blood within the shoe
 This shoe is too small for her
 The true bride waits for you!'

Twirl,my beloved princesses! <3 
Peace out (= xx 


  1. I loved this post sooo much! <3 I've always wanted to be a princess - I even bought myself a tiara from Disney Land when I was there in April :P *teehee*

  2. Aw,that is so adorable! <3 I love all those glamorous gowns a princess has to wear all the time,Im like always swooning over them,hehe :P
    P.S: thankyou soo much! xx (=

  3. a nice piece of writing pal!

  4. hahaha good one....!:DDD sooo true btw!:PP...even i am sick of those cliched and overused endings:D

    loved the post!:D

  5. Kanwal: Thank you doll (:
    The floodgate of feelings: I know,I could totally use a more 'updated' version of a fairy tale :P Our future kids would thank them for it :P Hehe,thank you so much! :D

  6. wAOW! SUCH a colurful AND CHOCY BLOG :D

    THanks for your comment :]

  7. Iffi: Geez,thanks <3 Moi pleasure! <3

  8. So true!(: Totally agree with you, girlfriend!=D And awesome post,so waiting for more <3 =)^_^

  9. Totally awesomesauce blog *SO chocolicious* I ♥ the name and the template!!

    Thanks for following! I did the same =)

  10. All She Wrote: *big bear hug!* <3 (= xx
    KeriDaEpicNinjaOfEpicnees: Yay you! thank you so much! <3 and thanks,I read your blog posts too,and really,they are like totally awesome :D Thanks for following back <3 xx

  11. Awsmmmm *hats off dude* and I sooooo agree with you on this I mean these stupid PERFECT princess get to have everything and they are hell whiny :@


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