Sunday, 11 September 2011

The magic within his colours

There he stands aloof on his patio...a sheet rests on his easel,the platform for the expression of his talent..his matt hair sticky and his square-jawed face contorted in a frown...furrows in his forehead,brows knitted closely together in sheer concentration.He pauses for a moment,removes a fringe off his hazel-grey eyes (ZOMG! <3)

With a dirty palette balancing on his left hand,he examines his masterpiece for a while.His eyes reflects disapproval but he continues with his art,his entire apron embellished with colorful smears of paint,
but there he still stands in the serene autumn evening,unconcerned and unaware of his changing surrounding,as the sun discovers comfort behind a colossal mountain,heaving a final streak of light,depressed at the artist`s resolution to complete his painting,and not sparing even a single second to admire the classic beauty of the Glowing Lantern.

To any passing stranger,he appeared nothing but a mere artist.For himself,it meant his entire world.His passion.An unquenched thirst to creat something,anything,extraordinary from only a few blobs of paint.
It is the sanctuary of an artist no human can intrude.He is a magician,whose enchantment only few providential beings have eyes to recognize.

A few strokes on a plain,smooth sheet and viola! magic (=

Is not it wonderful how liquidy,flowy,oozy colours can transform,in a blink of an eye,into an extraordinary portrait by only a few expert touches of the bristle brush of an artist? Would not you term it as sheer magic??
Such is the art of painting..The eternal relationship between a dedicated mortal and his various colours..

I have always found it soothingly wonderful the way such special people are just born with this flair,and they do not,like some of us,have to work on its development.
I know most of you may find this post boring-some of you might not even have bothered to read more than a few lines,but really,this post of mine is dedicated solely to all those amazingly talented people out there,who has devoted their lives to this knack.There may not be many to appreciate the hard work of theirs,to them I`d only tell: ' You do not have 'eyes' to see through it'

Today,I thank you,dear artist,with all my sincerity,for making my life so colourful. You`ve added colour even to the most horrible days of it (: (This probably explains why my blog is so full of colours! :D)

Thank you for showing extreme patience while giving it a read till the last word (=
I love you <3


  1. Hey! take an advice. make your font style a lil better. It's difficult to read :]
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  2. Aw,sorry for the inconvenience :( would surely change my font (:

    P.S: Thanks,loads <3

  3. I too just want to say - you should change your font - but other then that it is very good! i like it a lot! i followed u! can u follow me?


  4. Hamza: LOL,guess what? I changed my font the first thing after Iffi told me to do so :P Is it still unreadable? :(

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  5. Wow, beautiful!:D Write more ! <3 :)

  6. No, the font is good now!
    Aww, this is an uber-cute post!.
    And the pictures! I LOVE =)


  7. Hamza: Aw,heaps of thanks (:

    P.S: I know! the pictures! <3


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