Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Diary of a Chemically Stricken Soon-to-be-a-soul

They are making me study Chemistry while the sky is teeming with unrelenting rain outside :|

This makes me morose in two ways:

1. It`s raining and I CAN`T GET OUT!!!

2. Studying Chemistry is downright EXCRUCIATING!!!


Telling you the truth,it wouldn`t have mattered much to me if it would have only been raining and I would have been still in my warm,cosy home,being all yummy yummy lazy ( <3 ) on our big,red couch (which,by the way,is SO soft you can practically sink in it) cuddled up with a nice book,sipping a creamy,frosty mug of hot cocoa or merely glued to the telly,dugged in a big,big,biiiig bowl of chocolate ice-cream <3   
No,I wouldn`t have minded that one damn whit. 

 Except the thing is: that`s NOT it! It is raining cats and dogs outside and I am trapped inside with THE KILLER of all sane minds: C.H.E.M.I.S.T.R.Y!!!

Oh yeah sure,convenient for you to roll your eyes,wrongly comprehending that I might be exaggerating. Not!

You see,Im not the kind of girl blessed with Hermione Granger brains. No,not that. Really. Im good at writing  and stuff,so that makes English my subjects. But,unlike most of the students in my class,I have to work REAL hard to barely make it to the safe boundary line in order to pass Chem.

Yes,Chemistry. It mars my almost straight A result,and I LOATH it!

I wish I could understand the secret behind the mysterious colour changes due to the presence of 'certain' gases. And how I wish I knew which gases they were! I wish I could get something as basic and easy (for others-not for me.Obviously.) as balancing equations right..But ah! that is what they all remain. Mere wishes *sighs dramatically*

I still remember the day I started my 11th grade (Yay! Im eventually in  my final year of O`levels! <3 ) and my Chem teacher,er-let`s call her Ms.A-started with 'Organic Chemistry' and me and my BFF,Mariyam,shared relieved,pleased,triumphant (yes-all in one,because that`s precisely how we were feeling back then) grins with  each other.Oh,before moving ahead,let me fill you up that when it comes down to Chemistry,me and Mariyam are always in the same boat. How can I ever thank her enough for being there with me in my times of turmoil,when I sat there in Chemistry next to her,alien to all those 'chemical' terms Ms.A kept talking about. She`s always been shoulder to shoulder with me and I owe her sincere gratitude (and a biig bear huggie! <3 )
But come on! things would have been so much better-and easier-if even ONE of us would have been a Chemistry genius.

Oh wow-funny how I drifted away from the main thing,no? So yeah,I was telling: But,true when they say 'all good things eventually comes to an end'-soon came the part when Ms.A started speaking of 'structual isomerism' (something about compounds having similar structural formula but different molecular formula,whatever that means) and prepare for the worse-polymer,monomer,polymerization, polyethene, polypropene, poly vinyl chloride, esterification, 2, 2, 7 trimethyl, 3, 3 diethyl,deca,1,5,8 triene (that`s one whole name of a structure from 2 till triene, just in case you don`t know :P ) Big,intimidating words, eh? Their definitions and stuff are even harder to keep track of. Believe me. And ta-da! the goofy smiles that were innocently playing on our lips vanished as soon as they had appeared. Who says all stories end with a 'happily ever after' ? Well,even THAT is not our luck. The tragedy is: it`s just the beginning (quoted by Ms.A herself. *shudders* )

So that is the thing between me and IT. The grudge I have been carrying against it since years. I still remember it crystal clear...the year I opted for Chemistry (I was an 8th grader back then-novices usually ends up making such grave mistakes that they have to repent for,for like the rest of their lives) Yeah,so the first exam I gave of Chemistry. I got 24 out of 25 in it. Miracle,yes. I was so pleased with myself. My BFF got a 24 too. And  miracles have not occured since :| That 24 dropped to 22 and then,to our utmost horror,gradually declined to 12 or 13 (10 happened to be the passing marks then. Er,just so you know.) Not that me and Mariyam never tried to make up with Chemistry..we really want to. We CRAVE to befriend it again. It`s just..erm,we must have offended it BIG.TIME. to deserve such sadistic treatment from it. Apparently,it has not forgiven us yet. Ah,the unfortunate fate...

Back to the moment. A quick review just to remind you what I was initially talking about: It is raining and I`ve got a GRAND Chemistry test TOMORROW. Know what makes it worse? I really do not understand a word of it.
Today,I had consecutive Chemistry periods. After Ms.A had blabbed about something about poly-blah-blah stuff for what seemed to go for like hours,she eventually gave us some 'brain teasers' ( That`s the most hilarious term I`ve ever heard for Chemistry questions. Ms.A says the renaming part is merely to liven up things a lil bit.As if! It is a very unsuccessful attempt to make the nightmare sound more like a pleasant dream.) heaved a sigh of relief,relaxing on her chair,with an angelic smile plastered on her face. Oh no no,dear you,do not let the pretty face decieve you! Behind that innocence resides sheer evil! Evil schemes to award me and my BFF -and similar lot- with an F on our Chemistry paper. Again. *groans*

The whole class,almost instantly,got busied in intense discussions about how to solve which part. I gave a cursory look around, shook my head hopelessly at my personal ignorance about chemical stuff (Did I tell you that I find it immensely satisfying to blame it on my parents? I might just not have inherited the Chemistry gene from them. Aaah...sounds so much better that way,muahaha! ) and turned to Mariyam,who, to my heart`s contentment, was sitting idle likewise. Sometimes I feel like doing something really great for God for rewarding me with as awesome BFF as her,who, fortunately, possesses the same intellect as moi.
' So? Think we`d manage to get  an A in Board exam? ' I asks.
' Suuure..we only need tuitions. Just like a diamond has to go through all sorts of complicating processes before it shines to its complete potential. ' She agrees, with mock encouragement.
' Haha,yea. ' I giggles nervously.
That is just when I hear a snuffle above my head and I look up to behold Ms.A hovering right above our heads!
' Are you guys done with your assignment? ' She demands.
' Um-yeh. Sort of. I`m half way there..' I contrives to say meekly,while the the teacher casts a dark look at Mariyam`s closed journal and flew up in rage.
' You both! Planning to flunk Chemistry again? '
* And she stomps away,leaving us sharing guilty looks *
Argh- the insult,the guilt,the EMBARRASSMENT!!!
And that`s when I tell Mariyam:
' Im going to get an A in Chemistry. '
*She gives me an incredulous look and sniggers*

That is- WHEN and IF I ever start studying for my test tomorrow and stop typing for my blog for a change.

Oh great,it ain`t raining anymore! :D
Who am I kidding,it is not raining!

And I`m pretending really,REALLY hard to ignore the blissful, rhtymic 'tip-tip' of the lil cute rain-drops..the coolness of it all! ^_^

Darn,Chem test tomorrow. Better take my leave now.

Ciao,stay awesome! (:


  1. Awww.. great post! :) Thanks for the comment sweetie! I am now your new follower :) have a great day!


  2. Jewel: Thanks,loads for following! (: <3

  3. Hahahahaha. You are funny.
    I am not Hermione-Granger-Brained-person too but I love Chemistry. I got an A* last year ^_^

    Hahaha, and the pictures were so funny.

    Best of luck!

  4. Im obviously not it too-and I still hate chemistry :P I wrote a whole post explaining why,and Im sure you understand :P
    Wow-Congo! Lucky you :) Wish I could get an A* too (haha,look who`s saying :P)

    Thanks much ^_^


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