Thursday, 15 September 2011

Parting of ways

'I don`t know how to put it..'

'Just say it,ok?'

'Um,can`t you make it out yourself?'

'You really want to pee and are embarrased to break the news to me?'



'Erm,I love you.'

'You..huh?! what?'

'Look,don`t get mad.'

'Yeah but..'

'You have to forget him! He`s been a jerk.I,er,really like you,Liz.'

'Yeah but why?!'

'Why? Coz you are hot.And sweet.'




So,we`re together?'

'Hell,no! I told you. I`m not over him..I like you but only as a best friend.'

'Please? I really want to make you happy..'

'Aw,that`s too sweet but..sorry,okay?'


'Hey,it`s only an infatuation. You`ll get over it before you know it.'

'`s a lil something I wrote for you.'

                           *Unfolded the paper and read*

'I,H***** I*******,love you with all my heart.You are my life and life without you is impossible.We are like that pair of t-90 shoes I wear every day. We are like that blush that appears in your cheeks. You are the sweetest thing in this universe,you even lend your touch to sugar,because of you sugar tastes so sweet. So be my sugar pie and marry me.

-For the cutest girl '

As I read the sweetest letter from him,the other guy`s words echoed in my ears: 'I loved every bit of our relationships-even the fights because I loved the way we loved each other even more after our make-ups and told how much we missed each other. I still love you,but I know you don`t want us together because you fear that I might hurt you again. You are the best and I regret doing it all to you...'

Tears glistened in my eyes as I looked at the guy in front of me,standing there with a hopeful smile on his face-his ears yearning for a yes-but I can`t stop thinking about the other...
Why can`t I get over him? Why can`t I just control my feelings towards him? He hurt me,made me cry all night,why do I still love him like crazy? Why do I still melt at his kisses? Why do I still want to go back to him?
The enigmatic questions remained unanswered. And yet deep inside my heart,I knew all the answers..but I am too weak to accept the bitter truth: I love him. Truly love him...

I endeavored to force back the tears that were threatening to escape my eyes and roll down my cheek any moment now. Concern reflected from the eyes of the guy still standing in front of me-awaiting an answer,contrived to smile despite the increasing pain in my chest. He`s got beautiful eyes,I can`t help noticing. Eyes that refuse to be hoodwinked. He knows. He knows my heart will belong to the other guy forever...

'Yes I know..but I want  to give it a try. I want you to give me a chance...I want to make things better for you. Coz you deserve better.' his thoughts reaches my ears,the words remain unuttered.

'You want to be my best friend?' I choke out. A little too enthusiastically.

He groaned with a tinge of defeat in his voice and shook his head. I stared at him,petrified,as he left me.Never to return again..


  1. I don't think anyone can explain what Love is and how when and why u fall in Love.. It is the way it is..

    Nice reading your post with beguiling emotions.. :)

  2. Princess: Precisely,that`s the bitter truth about love.. (: Thank you so much (: <3

  3. I hate losing out friends like this... there's a thin line between friendship and love and you just don't realize when its disappearing na.. Hmmm ... nice post ... I think I'll blog about this soon :)

  4. Confused soul: You got that part right...Friends are to be treasured,and losing them at the hands of the mercilessness of love is sheer bad luck..

    P.S: Thanks a lot (: Waiting for your post! xx

  5. Beautiful <3 You did the right thing...I hope. :P
    Keep posting! :)

  6. All she wrote: I`m this *holds both arms far apart* happy you are back! :D Thanks,yeah I hope too :P <3 xx

  7. Aliza, this is so wonderful! + Written extreemely well! I reeeaally hope you find your true love soon! ;)'

  8. Hafsa: Yay,She comments eventually! :D :P Thank you,I hope you do too ;) <3


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