Saturday, 17 September 2011

Something to blab about

I had been sitting idle,staring blankly in front of my computer screen,despite the fact that it had been emitting harmful rays in my eyes,there I still sat,all hypnotized,with the 'new post' option of my blog popped open,and the cursor blinking patiently,my fingers hovering right above my keyboard keys,waiting for the motor neurons to transmit impulses to my finger muscles to make them move. Yes,I had passed almost half an hour,sitting right there,hankering after inspiration. It did not hit me. I waited a while more. And then I ultimately decided to post about nothing. Nothing! How very...inspirational,no? Nay! Inspiration has decided to stay miles away from moi,and so writing about nothing
seemed to be the most fascinating idea!Ha! In.your.damn.face,Ms.Arrogant,Obnoxious Inspiration! (If you even have one,ha ha ha!)

It is absolutely hard to do just about nothing in this world. Nothing.At all. When you reply to a 'sup?' with nothing,you`re downright lying. Beacause even then you are typing,writing or saying 'nothing'. And blinking. AND breathing.

Doing nothing is humanly impossible. Many great people have come,one after another,and died in their vain attempts to do nothing,but nothing cannot be done by even the most gallant people of this world. Are YOU flamboyant enough to do nothing? I dare you.
Go ahead and show me how to do absolutely nothing and I`d consider you the most successful persona to ever stroll on the face of this earth.

Enough babbling now. I am sure I must have successfully aroused your cravings to screw me. Sorry about that. Things are really,er,difficult,between me and inspiration,and I had to,totally HAD to post something to keep my blog alive,so I had to come up with the torture :P  

 Also-school assignments and my love life are keeping me from thinking too hard -_-

More apologies!


  1. Lol,hope you and inspiration work out stuff between yourselves.It's being mean to your best friend to because of it. =@ =/ =P

  2. SAME HERE .ITS HAPPENS A LOT.Just wanted to say Hi and

    Follow each other .

  3. Ezazi: lol,I know :D Its the topper on my to-do list too :P

    All she wrote: Yeah..Best of luck to you too with it ^_^

    Izdiher: Oh,hey (: Yeah sure,following each other would be good,Im following you,follow me right back! :D

  4. Lmfaooo. SpongeBob. WHY NOT. xD Love your blog - im following now :)

    - <3

  5. Haha love this post! Sounds so much like me :P


  6. Miss Cortni: Hahaha,thanks :D Im following you right back! <3

    Tay Tay: Lol,nah-your posts are some of the awesomests I`ve ever read. Apparently, you are Inspiration`s fave! :P

    P.S: Thanks xx

  7. Well, nothing can be really inspirational sometimes :)

  8. Bubbles: Aw,I lOVE your name! ^_^ and thankyou so much (:

  9. Hhahha the first pic =D
    lovely blog you have. following you :)


  11. Aman: Sweet of you to think so (: Thanks for following,I am coming right after you! :D

    Hamza: Really,you do not have one damn whit of an idea how much I`ve been wanting to do that,except my homework keeps me away -_-
    Would surely gonna do that right after my exams though! :D

  12. hahahahahahahaha me 2 :P i mean there are times when i really want to post somthing on my blog but then I cant really think of anything :P so i usually end up blabbing on my blog :p

  13. Sarah: Kind of :P (: <3
    Aliza: Oh wow-that was quick :D Im glad you stopped by (: Blabbing is good :P It keeps the blog alive :D Hehe.

  14. HAhaha, talk about writers' block:)
    But then, you still managed to write something.

  15. Hello,

    I am waiting for your newer post.
    I am now your follower officially.
    And you are more than welcome to join my site whenevr you read this.

    Thank you.

  16. PeeVee: hahaha,yeah :D Ain`t something so much better than nothing at all? :P

    Tariq Mian: I`m honored (= Following you right back! :D

  17. lol thts sumthin really to blab about


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