Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I Live To Tell My Tale.

         'All round my room my silent servants wait
               My friends in every season'

Exaggeration,as the above might suggest,is not intended.
It is still a good quotation to express the way I had been so keenly involved in reading this great book I only recently finished reading.

I remember turning my entire place upside down in futile search of my various stuff I keep losing-or misplacing. With memory span as brief as a gold fish`s, I tend to get myself in hot soup for 'leaving things behind at home and crafting white lies to get away with it' , thanks to my inborn talent of forgetting things easily. Despite my unconvincing insisting, my teachers refuse to believe me most of the time. At times, my lost possession mysteriously turns up from under my bed, or choose to remain 'lost' at others. Any way round, the book explains where things- mine and yours- suddenly vanish. It`s 'A place called Here'. What,no,of course an imaginary place like it doesn`t really exist (or does it? O.o) I was only telling you the book`s name :P
It`s by Cecelia Aherns, and there`s only a lone word for it: Terrific.
You might want to give it a read,just to unravel the greatest mystery of stuff being right there in front of your eyes,and vanished into thin air the next moment.

P.S: The book cover is simply gorgeous. Also the author. The moment I checked out Cecelia`s snapshot inside, I couldn`t help feeling a slight pang of jealousy (read: self-pity) It`s beauty and brains,complete in one package.

So it was my Maths paper today,and it went kind of pathetic,you see. I had prepared never ending-ly for it. The unfortunate moment I casted a look at the bloody thing, I just KNEW it is going to go bad. The question that I had decided to skip from the Past Papers last night,was shamelessly tongue lolling out at me with the rest of the questions I didnt`t know the answer to.
Surrendering nevertheless to my disposition of helplessness, I picked up my supposedly 'lucky' pen when the dried nib announced an imminent dread.


I jerked the most vital examination tool vigorously and attempted to scrawl on the blank supplement before me, but the obstinate thing refused to write.

I looked around myself in vain, my face reflecting my plight, when I felt 2 scanning eyes on myself. The invigilator glared at me through her sullen eyes, as I explained her my situation. None of the examinees bothered to offer an extra pen. Maybe they didn`t have any. So I sat restlessly for a while,but then relaxed quite a bit. Pen or no pen,it didn`t really make a significant difference. I didn`t KNOW what to write on the paper! But when the angry stares of the teacher turned more penetrating, I only half-heartedly took out my ball pen.Good ol` dependable ball pen...with it`s reliable resource of ink.

After I`ve read the question for like the umpteenth time, I realized that I actually knew how to solve a  few questions. Yes,miracles DO happen. And so I set down to work.
Soon,I was done with everything I knew (SOME of the questions,at that) and the rest of the paper remained as clean and tidy as the paper setter left it.

'Half an hour left.'

The invigilator`s voice broke through the pin drop silence prevailing in the room. And suddenly I sensed panic taking all over me. I haphazardly flipped the pages of the paper helter-skelter , and overcame by a feeling of urgency and desperation. I was very much tempted to turn back and peep into the  much-filled paper of the girl behind me. Only the menacing presence of the invigilator withheld my action. Hence, I spent the left over time inventing never-heard-of-before mathematical formulas, contriving to come up with a reasonably satisfying explanations and an easy-way-out solutions for complicated quadratic equations. Therefore, the time was over before I knew it, and I found myself literally clinging to my paper, trying to smoothen an unsuccessful- and horribly sketched- curve,as the teacher exerted all her efforts to pull it from me.
By the time I gathered my stuff and left the examination hall, I looked so dishevelled that anyone could have guessed how my paper went. Thus my friends spared me some dignity by not inquiring about my Maths paper. I had successfully managed to walk away from its nightmare,sane and alive on my own two legs, and I was glad enough at that.

However much I`d rather passing marks, I`d definitely be getting a 'very creative!' remark,anyway :P

 P.S: Wish me loads of luck for my next papers!  I could use all of it. Trust me.

Adios! xx


  1. owwwwssssssssuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 kaisay likhti ho itna lush larki?? :P i could sure do with some tips :(( :PP

  2. Anosha: Wow-your comment is a pleasant surprise :D Thank you so so so much! Tum bhi tou itna aala likhti ho yar :P :D :)

  3. hahahah cute...very cute...hahaha its okay sweety my math paper went the same:PPPP all i did was stare at the invigilator, then the paper, then my friends...thats wat i did..:PP
    and loved the defensive pictures about @not doing math :PPP;:DDD
    loved it <3 :D

  4. Muzna: Hahaha,yeah,I saw you :D :P We were very much the occupants of the same 'sinking' boat :P The invigilator,ah! :P
    Thanks a lot! <3 I love that pic too :D :P

  5. Hahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahhahahahahahaha !!!
    I couldnt help laughing the whole time I read ur post ! god, how do you write so awesomeee, so fab ?? :')
    Though i should sympathize u for ur pathetic Math papar but u made it sound soo lash that I can only marvel at you :D

    Lovedd this onee more than the others :DD

    PS. I WANT THAT BOOK TOO !! Do you have it? Can I take it?? Plzzz ? ^_^

    PSS. <3 @ title plus all the picss
    KEEP posting likee this, I want to learn more from u :D

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  7. Nicely written. This same happen 2 me in my maths exam!! :(

  8. I hate maths. Enough said.

    Best of luck for your result. :)

  9. Bubbles: Awww... thank you SO much :') You always make me feel so good about my blog (: I <3 you!
    Yeah,sure,I`ll let you have it after winter break :D

    Musik Lover: Thank you,Sweety (:

    Hamza: All understood :P Thanks! :)

  10. Maths. You, lady, are cruel to have reminded me of it.

    And Ahern is, undoubtedly, ze best. <3

    Where rainbows end and A place called here parhna. You'll like 'em.

  11. LOL-You apparently didn`t bother to give my poor post a read. Because then you would have known that I have already read A place called here and where the rainbows end :P Thanks for commenting anyway :D Ye are ze best <3

  12. PS:- I changed my blog's url, so please un-follow and re-follow my blog so that my shitty posts keep on popping up in your Google reader.


  13. Hehehehe,mine went worse than yours ofcourse so you could always count on me to get less marks than you in Maths. :P
    And ahhhh why does that damn book keep slipping through my fingers everytime I get my hands on it? :D You got me even more eager to read it!
    Keep posting!!! :)

  14. i PRAY you get well SOOON. ! <3
    I miss your blog, btw. -_- :')

  15. I love cecilia ahern :D

    p.s i tagged you in something on my blog!

  16. I've tagged you in my post do see it. link is below:


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