Saturday, 10 December 2011

Why this Kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di?

Yo,it`s me again!
Yes,I got in again.
These blogger people? They must be holding some serious grudge against me.
They did it to me again -.- I had been trying since ages weeks to sign in,but you know how it is,no?

I wanted to post so bad,and now that I`m eventually here,I really couldn`t think of anything to tell you guys :D

Exams starting from Wednesday,by the way :| So I`d be entirely engaged till they are over. Also-my Sangadh post remains unposted-and incomplete-in my draft patiently for a little while more. You`d love to read it though :) I totally hope you have as much fun reading it as I had living it all <3 

You would not believe this,but I actually dusted off my old,forgotten talent of sketching and made a Sponge-Bob! Yayayayay! And he turned out to be so cute ^_^ He`s adorable much,without me being the artist anyway :P

It`s my exam next week and I havn`t studied a single,damn word -.- I so know I`m flunking Chemistry, OR Physics, OR Maths, OR Biology this time :$ OR maybe all of them? Shit. I`d be busted if that ever happens.

AND,guess what? I can`t get the song Kolaveri di out of my head. It seems to have stuck in some UN-accessible part of my brain,and refuses to depart -.- I wouldn`t be surprised if my sister tells me that I`ve been chanting 'distance la moon-u moon-u moon-u, color-u  white-u white background night-u night-u, night-u color-u black-u' in my sleep. Seriously,that`s how awesomatic it is :D And while you`re upto reading this,you might also want to check out the following song ;)

 Last but not the least,I scored good in Chemistry this time!!!
14 out of 15 :P Got them by chance actually :$ But that doesn`t un-genious me,right? ^_^

Can`t think of anything more to scribble about so I`d run and bury myself between the huge pile of books awaiting me.

P.S: I miss my Blogosphere family folks :C

Ciao! xox


  1. You should try logging a complaint with Google, they usually resolve issues pretty fast.

    Good luck with your exams:)

  2. -_- I was so very much waiting for your Sangadh post .. Better luck next time then :P

    Exams - hate that word :$

    Good luckk ! <3

  3. Nice written. Love the song 'Why this kolaveri kolaveri di?
    P.S: Don't talk about exams again. I literally hate exams.

  4. Nice blog and best of luck for your exams :)

  5. Hahahahaha miss u too larki :d and I loveeee this song... mtlb k akher hai yar, alaaaa =D

  6. Izdiher: Aw <3 *hugs*

    PV: Thanks, I will (: Ah,thank you! I so need that :D

    Ezazi: You can say that again :D

    BubbleS: Hahaha,hang on sweety,it`s coming soon! (:
    Me too :$ But can we help it? :P
    Thanks! to you too <3

    Musik Lover: Aw,thanks :) I know! that song <3
    Oh,sure,wont ever again :P

    Nina: Thanks,loads (:

    Aliza: Hehe,you can say that again about Kolaveri :D Ultimate,yes :D <3
    P.S: Thanks for missing! (:

  7. Haha,your posts make me feel like I could've written them myself :P Totally same here,girl! :P


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