Saturday, 19 November 2011

I blab because I never get tired of it.

The awaited weekends are finally here and here I am blogging again.This post is going to be about my very juicy UN-interesting life so you probably might want to stop reading and engage yourself in something more useful. In something that makes sense,I mean.

It has been a monotonous week for me -_-  I remained on my look out for anything out of order but nothing at all.

Ok, so first things first.
My mum`s already gone through the trouble of taking out our blankets and other stuff. And my dad`s started bringing yummy,salted peanuts home. And that could only mean ONE thing.


It`s my fave season of the year :D Because ( Yes, the reason is stupid so do not laugh please ^_^ ) my skin remains perfect during these days. Unlike other`s. While they continuously apply lotions and moisturizers to keep their skin from going dry, Mine stays flawlessly glowing on its own accord! :D (Jealous,eh? 3:) )
That`s because I possess extremely oily skin which is at its worst during the summers. The only reason why summer ain`t the topper on my list.

Yesterday,a friend of mine, T, told me that I could be an actress (Double yays for her!) Haha,but that`s only because I did an awesome imitation of my arch-enemies ;) T is really out-spoken so tonight,I acquit her of all the rude things she`s ever said to me.

Another friend of mine, A, awarded me the title of 'Pessimism ki Malka-e-tarannum' (Sorry to all those who can`t understand what that means,coz that`s urdu,y`know)
Yeah,hilarious,ain`t it? As funny it might be,it is also very appropriate when it comes down to me. I AM a great pessimist,I guess...

We are going to Sangadh with our school on 24th November! And that`s probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me this week. Just in case you do not know,Sangadh is a  humble village in interior Sindh. And we`d be going there to personally help the flood victims.



Did I get the permission?


 The excursion is going to last for quite a lot of hours, you see, and so my parents are all no about it. They are not really fastidious about the environment,it`s the security they are concerned about. For that place is also an infamous rendezvous for burglar and thieves. But it`s not like they are going to jump from the roof in our bus and point their guns at us and go all like, 'Your bus is being hijacked. So don`t act too smart.' Now really,you tell? That`s hardly possible,right?! I told my parents that. They still wouldn`t allow! My bff thinks the hijacking thing is going to be cool (IF that ever happens) Not me,though. I`m a total chicken. And even SHE did not get permission before but now she`s going and I`m the only one who`s going to stink at home and rot. I had my entire outfit planned! :'( Pretty pink plaid with straight leg jeans.

The sleeves of MY shirt are longer and  it has black boxes instead of the brown ones,hope you get the idea.

I was about to hit the mall for a pair of black boots and maybe even a cowboy hat to complement the whole look. But my parents! *sniffs!*

And oh, so my cousin arrived yesterday. We are really close and every time she`s over,we get to have loads of fun,AND food. We take lots of pics,make each other over and what not.
Her arrival was supposed to be a surprise for the wide awake normally walking-talking  me actually  but guess how she found me? With disheveled dark hair, slumped on two pillows under my stomach, lost in my deep slumber session.
When she tried to wake me up,I was all 'Blimey! I must be dreaming. Shoo off,illusion'

But I was wide awake five minutes after that,more than aware of my not-so-pretty,unwashed face,and completely mortified at being seen in that state by her cute bro. Ah.-_-

Now now,I really, really, REALLY want to see Confessions of a shopaholic! I`ve heard enough about it`s awesomeness and that`s IT! I`ve read the book already and I WANT to see the movie too! -_-
So enough done with mere craving,I`m actually doing to do something about it now. Try to download it myself,I think. But again,I`m a techno disaster. So wish me all the luck you can offer!

             EEP! Now THIS is how cluttered  I want my wardrobe to be. 

I`ve been listening to this song while typing and it`s the second song of The Saturdays I`ve heard so far,but I think it`s good. These girls are now second on my list after The Veronicas. I hope you like them too. Do check out the vid (:

You know that I love you xx


  1. HAHAHAHA, love ALL of it!And FINALLY, why didn't you just say so, girlfriend, I've been dying to discuss COAS with you since FOREVER.
    See if this works on your outdated box of updated technology:,confessions of a shopaholic
    Keep posting!:P Ciao <3

  2. Hahahahah loveitloveitjustloveit :D

    I love winters too :D

    @ur nickname Rofl :P Its so funny :D

    OMG my parents did this to me last year too :( Last year my uni arranged a trip to Murree in winters and my mum and dad was like Whatt???? Murree in winters???? and u'll b leaving at what night???? U gone crazy girl :O
    I didn't go :'( and I was so angry at them for not letting me go :@

  3. She: LOL- I know! I`ve been missing out SO MUCH :O But then my cousin blabbed about its awesomeness and my heart`s all set to watch it :D Thanks for the link! I hope it works :P

    Aliza: Thankyouthankyouthankyou! :D Yeah,I guess it is. It even got ME laughing :P Aw,that`s too bad :( My parents are doing the same to me this year :@

  4. LOL I love you tooooooo! Ahahah you should put pictures of the cute brother here!!!! xD LOL well, if your bus got hijacked, at leats you'd have something to blog about xD

  5. Love youu too !! hahaha :P
    Yaaaaaaaayyiiee "WINTERS !" <3
    Haha-lucky you. My skin gets so dry that I empty the lotion bottle in one go :P

    Awww, the trip wud had been damn fun for I myself had to hear abt it at home all day, way before it even happnd -_-
    better luck next time. :)

    Yay, I hv already seen COAS for like, maybe more than five times, and ZOMG, its a total HIT. I loved the clothing and stuff more than anything. DO watch it right away ^_^
    PS. Jealous, eh? :PP

    PSS. BOOOM, I am backkk to ur blog !! :P

  6. Chopsticks: I dont have his pics,but he surely took some of mine when that episode happened :P And guess what? I went on that trip! and it was epic <3 Also-our bus didnt get hijack :P I`ve still got something to blog about :P

    Bubbles: Yay! I went,i went! it was EPIIIIIC! :D Too bad about ur bro,but the trip sure is worth blabbing about :D
    Ah,still didn`t download COAC -_- I just dunno how to do it! Oh yes,I`m jealous. Much,much -_- :P

  7. Lol that's great! Can't wait to read about it xD ah well....maybe that means he likes you *wink wink*

  8. That is SOO wonderfullous !! Im so glad u finally went. I know. Bro blabbed abt it the whole night. Im SO jealous !!! 11th ppl get to have all the fun -_- write abt it SOOOON. I wanna read each nd every detail :D


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