Friday, 11 November 2011

Because I am lazy Lizzie.

Been a long time since I last posted. Seems like ages to me now. I`ve been busy with the Eid stuff. Stuffing tikkas. By the way,Eid Ul-Azha Mubarak to all! (belated :P )

I`ve got a post waiting,but I`m too lazy to post it right now *yawns*

Hey,now don`t gimme that look! It ain`t me,alright? It`s our school administration -_- They re-opened our school today. And I had to literally drag myself out of my bed to get ready for my 'big' day ahead. Supposedly. But guess what? I succeeded to keep myself from snoring soundly in class :P To tell you the truth,the teachers  were much of in a drowsy state themselves,so it really wouldn`t have been much of a deal if all of us would have rested our heads down and pretended to be occupied in our own deep thoughts.

Also-I made up with my Bffs!
Lol,yeah we had this stupid fight. Again. But anyways,we are all together again <3

I can`t type anymore..I`m too tired to do any more of it. A big thanks to the stupid language homework that I just tried to complete but obstinate it -_-

I`m eventually done with our newspaper! *Score!*
Yeah,my dad even returned with the print-out this evening and it looks bloody awesome. Even if I say so myself.

Ok,so I`ve got 38 followers now. Yayyy!

But come on, I need more -_-
More,more and more awesome people in that list of mine.

And I inspired three people to join Blogosphere. See? Now ain`t I good?
So follow me y`all!

P.S: Considering the stupid stuff I blabbed about in this post,I`m highly dubious that anyone would be even half-willing to follow me now -_- But really, I want to retire to my bed! and this is all that came to my head right now,so live with it for a while. I promise you a way better post next time. That I`d be posting BEFORE the weekends end. Most probably.

Kudos! xx


  1. Don't you worry, you'll get more viewers soon ..
    and its okay, we always come closer with our BFFs post a fight!

  2. Ah, you took the words right outta my mouth,girlfriend. Well, most of them =P
    And now you've got me waiting for that post so p.o.s.t!! =)

  3. Izdiher: (:
    Crystal: Yeah..Hopefully :P and true about the other part! (:
    She: Ahaha,sisters! :D <3

  4. Me 2... Today was my first day after Eid holidays and I literally had to drag myself and get through all those boring classes.... I want more holidays :(

    Yayyyyy I'm so glas that u guyz made up with each other :D

  5. Oh! Hello there. :D I'm sure you had a great day. It's good that you back.

  6. You just stole the words out of my head here ! I have been sleeping in classes more than I do in my home this week and I am not upto writing any post for another three days .. :/

    Yayy, I wanna see that newspaper of yours ! :D

    Yh, DID you see? I must be one of them :P

  7. Hey!!! I love the pictures on your blog xD their so prettyyyyy
    Happy eid to you too. Lol, yeah, belated but oh what the heck x) don't worry, you'll get lots of yummy followers soon, I'll keep checking up on this blog, but to be honest, I'm kind of dubious about people who fish for followers. Keep writing though! I can see that you have promise to be an awemazing writer!

  8. Aliza: yeah..I want more hols too :( and thanks (:
    Jewel: Hey there :)
    Bubbles: Yay,you are back! :D Haha,yeah I checked and u are one of those people i love the most <3
    Punk: Thanks! Hehe,that was ouch :P
    *Hugs you for encouraging me!* (:

  9. I love your blog. It's a really good one(even if it is written in laziness).


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