Monday, 30 July 2012

Ok, I`m just an ordinary girl.

There`s so much going on lately and I still havn`t managed to squeeze some time in for blogging, but you see, here I am anyway,back amongst my people, typing away some major crap that has been piling up high in my mind. I didn`t want to admit this fact before stuffing myself with two whole packets of chocolate chip cookies, but now I am prepared to accept that writing a blog isn`t going to be as easy as I hoped it would be.

Where do I begin...A very happy Ramadan Karim to all, first! May this month bring you prosperity and success, as much as you can ever wish for :)

 I had been staring at the blank, white screen waiting for inspiration until a friend suggested a blog-worthy incident of my life. I had been insistent on not to gossip about it with the entire Blogosphere, but well, now it just doesn`t seem like such a bad idea..Everyone should know what a brave,super woman I`ve been. ( P.S:  I exaggerate. It`s a very one-of-a-kind-situation ) far so good. I`ve only had a really bad break-up with the only guy I was ever serious about for three years after we`ve heartily swore at each other,blocked each other from our ids and all. I even deleted his number ( let`s just ignore the fact that i`ve still got it memorized by heart :P ) I removed all of his aww texts from my inbox too and yet, miraculously, there is no sign of post break-up  depression. Oh,yeah,since the relationship was so strong and all,I did cry for precisely two minutes,but that`s pretty much it. Period. I listened to Perry`s wide awake for quite some times and then I was sure I could move on. I`m over him. Good riddance -.-
The inspiration really comes from this book I had been cuddling with lately,'I heart New York'  It`s about a free-lance writer who`s been in a relationship with a guy for eternity but then eventually catches him shagging his tennis partner in the back of his car on their best friend`s wedding. Heart-broken,then girl flees to NYC where she gets a a free,gorgeous make-over,lots of designer clothes, eats her heart out,gets to date two most amazing guys ever to walk the planet and the best of all,becomes a properly,paid blogger for The Look! Now how cool is that,eh? In,yes. Incredible,no? So actually,the inspiration came from satisfactory sources ;)

Ok,now one thing I`ve been literally itching to blog about. The farevell. MY OWN FAREVELLLL!! :')  Got the titles 'My hair goes gaga' and 'Miss Super Puff'. Also I won the award of 'The biggest fashion victim'. The night was absolutely magical,perfect in it`s own painful way.. it has to be one of the most memorable nights of my life ( my wedding night is yet to come) <3 But guess what? My hair were an absolute mess :\ Tragic. Yeah. And since I didn`t have my own cellphone back then,and my bff`s camera was already dead ( after the incident when we carelessly let it bathe in the pool for too long -.- )  we were unable to snap any pic,and those who did bother to take a shot or two of mine,even those turned out to be a major blur and thus I have no decent picture of that eventful day wimme. Nil. Nada.

Since I`m now over with my O`levels,I`ve been going on a lot of college hunts lately. I applied in a school and they even called me for the interview but then I had to blab about how stupid and indecisive I am about certain important matters in my life and so they told me to come back again with my dad after either convincing him of my decision or get convinced myself in the process. They also said my aims are too scattered and fisrt I need to get my career focused and only then should I select my A`level subjects.

Also,I have been really,really busy attending my cousins` weddings. Yes,what with a huge zit on my face, I attended nevertheless. And,great news, I still managed to look passably good-looking. I had some totally far-fetched plans lined up for these vacations, some of them even somewhat impractical, but my holidays are not even half as bad as I thought they might be. In fact they`re are going surprisingly cool. The weddings were actually a lot of fun :D

Time for the most significant news of the day! *drum roll*

I`m a proud owner of a cellphone!!

My lovely,lovely,LOVELY pink and white cellphone... :')


My IGCSE result is on 23rd August. And it just occurred to me, I havn`t prayed to God enough for my good grades ( note to self: do that. ) Hmmm...sad life.. So, while we are upto this, can you pleasepleaseplease pray for atleast 5 As for me? Eh? EH? Pretty please? ^_^ this was pretty much it for today,I`m sorry if you read till the very end and yet I couldn`t meet upto your expectations from my blog. But again, I never claimed my life to be one of those you`d term as something bloody interesting.

I hope to catch you all again soon though! ( Because my life may not be half as good, but it ain`t bad either)

Stay awesome folks! xx

                   Oh God, I so,SO love this picture 3:)

I know I was just about to leave,but I came across the above picture and I fell at first-sight love *_*
Now here`s something very important, how not to fall in love with a jerk:

Top 3 Ways To Identify A Jerk:

1. Your friends/family say he’s a jerk, but you don’t see it.

2. He has a bad reputation with all his past girlfriends.

3. He treats you badly.

So, the big glitch?
What should we do about such maniacs on lose?

Rule One: Identify him as a jerk.

Rule Two: Don’t forget that he is a jerk.

Rule Three: SPREAD that he`s a jerk!
P.S: My ex is a jerk. 
P.P.S: No,I`m not nuts. I just said it because he really, REALLY hates being called that ;)

Toodles <3


  1. Well! There's a lot happening in your life i see! :P A good blog! :D its good u left your 'jerk' ex :P. Hope you do well without him! :P...
    And yes congrats on your new cellphone! :D which one is it? :P
    Dont worry about your grades, you'll do just fine. Like last year. :)
    and do blog more often :)

    1. Haha,I sure will do my best without him :P
      To you too! :D Geez,you know which one :P :P

      Thanks loads for your comment! (:

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!YOU FINALLY BLOGGED!i just came on here after ages,outta the blue and lo and behold!i was literally like smiling like that cheddar cat in alice in wonderland :P:P
    Hehe,i loveeee these long,lengthy posts <3 :D smiling all the way :)
    Post again..SOON!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yeah,i blogged,finally! :D OMG,guess what? I just finished reading Alice in wonderland :O That cheddar cat <3 She was kinda creepy though,leaving behind her smile every time she vanished :P
      Aw,thanks,and i love you <3

      P.S: Haha,look who`s saying! YOU need to post more often girl,come on,I`m waiting for your post (:

      P.P.S: Thanks for the comment <3

  3. Hello.. thanks for following back me... i appreciate it much


  4. nice one alex :P im impressd :P nd pissd at the jerk thingy but its ok since ur blog is going on as a success ;) i hope it goes on well :)

    1. Oh,thanks Abdullah,I`m sooo glad you liked it! O:) :P

  5. PS: I CANNOT comment on your blog with my bloody browser :I

    1. Aww...chalo i`ll look into it doll,must be my blog settings i think :P :(

  6. YOU HAVE FINALLY BLOGGED :D What's the special occasion to bring this about? :P
    Ilovethatpichawtoo <3 Whispers: I helped them color the words, btw ^^ :P
    5As? How about 5A*s IA .. :)
    *Grins toothily* Thankie for posting a loong post :D
    With cherries and chocolate on the top,
    will it be another month gap when we see you next again ? -.- :P

    PS. Um, and sorry for the last comment. ^^

    1. Hehe,aw..did u really miss me that much? I`m flattered <3
      Aw,damn,I love you girl :| 5a* IA :D
      Haha,couldn`t keep myself from writing once i started :D Don`t worry doll,my next post might not take thing long :D

      P.S: No worries there xox

  7. Welcome Back! It is great that you are back! I've started praying for you long ago! Its good that you blogged!
    Keep blogging!

  8. Aw,thanks doll,it`s very motivating to see that people actually miss you when you stop blogging,so now I think I`m going to do it more often! :) <3

  9. AWww... I can relate. I haven't update my blog for a while now. but its alright. I have a new post to share. Glad if you can check it out. :)

    Jewel Clicks

  10. Your ex sounds awful... you`re better off without him babes :)

    1. Aw,that`s very kind of you to say that :')

  11. *drum rolls*
    you BEST POST !! :D<3


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