Friday, 3 August 2012

Bitten by a Boredom Bug.

So,so bored right now -.-
I had been clicking on random stuff on Facebook, stalking various people, trying to kill some time and get entertained in the process but no such luck :(

Today was the second Friday of Ramazan.. and I still can`t believe that soon it would be Eid, and, not to mention, the most dreaded, my IGCSE result. I`m really having an ominous feeling about it, God knows why. Do you think it might be suggesting something? Ahh, God forbid.

So, when I turned on the knob to grab a quick shower today, I realized that winter is lingering nearby! Even though the water didn`t feel so cold after sometime, but during the first few moments, it really was cold. So make haste, Winter, Lizzie misses you <3

I`m finally reading Dan Brown`s Angels and Demons these days. Yeah, I know, don`t give me that ' Oh-I-read-it-like-ages-ago!' look, because I`ve been trying to read it for a long time too now but something always came up. Not this time though. I`ve read most of it now,and it`s a wow. Brown is such a bloody genius.

Hey, are you checking out the weather these days? huh? Ain`t it absolutely gorgeous?! ^_^
Specially the occasional drizzling! <3
I just hope it rains soon..

Oh yeah, I`ve got a few posts lined up so you might just want to stay tuned ^_^ No more heart-breaks faithful readers ( who reads all my post, oh yes,you. I love you ^_^ ), this gal has stopped being  lazy now when it comes down to blogging, so expect another post soon.

      I dunno why, but this picture makes me want to get married. Soon. And no, I`m not 25+

Guess I just might be addicted to this place again,take care! xox


  1. You sound cute :)

  2. I hope it rains more. I can't stand the heat...

  3. Hehe, guess your college starts in September. A whole freaking month awaits for you! :D *evil smile*
    Eh, Dan Brown's only for the smart ones. I began reading Deception Point, and when turned the second page over, I couldn't remember what the first page was about. -.- :D
    Ah, the heavenly weather! :') Fasting is not much a diffi nowadays.
    Haha, you wanna run on the beach with the wedding gown ? :D Its cute :3
    -I love ya too :D Srsly? Lash! :D

    1. Oh and PLEASE remove this crap "please prove you're not a robot" thing that asks to enter the stupid words. :D

    2. Hahaha,the thing about Dan Brown? You`re so damn right about it girl! :D I tried reading Deception Point too butI couldn`t understand most of it :P :$
      Beach,ah the beach oh yes <3 I`ll have him propose me there, and then we can run around all we want like crazy (so that I don`t have to run in my wedding gown and ruin it :P )

      Ah,I understand -.- But,HOW do we remove it?! :P :D

  4. Aaaaah,i LOVE both your new fonts!!!so perfect!<3
    Yeah...rain please come downstairs already! :P
    PLEASE get married,i'll LOVE to arrange the whole thing!!!Especially now that you have..u know...all the right people and ehem everything ;):P

    1. Thanks :D <3
      Hahaha,you do remember which song to play in the background on my wedding day,don`t you? ;) Lol,don`t worry,you`ll be the first to know about it when I DO decide to get married ;) Oh how I wish to get married... *sighs wistfully* :P


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