Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Fifteen years around the sun :)

Ta-daaa World, here I am again tonight!

See this guy? He`s a totally great dude, loves to blab all the time ( Like me :P ), AND he`s one of my best friends ever. And what tops all is the fact that today is his FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY! :D Oh yes, so let`s stop right here and sing our hearts out for him.

So he wanted my wish to be the most grand of all, since I`m his best friend and everything ^_^ You see this, Bilal? I am typing this only for you. And it`s 12: 51 right now. I`m sure you must already be tucked under your blanky, wandering off in your own, bogus dreams right now :P

Also, I love to eat his brains when I`m pretending to be a little tipsy. Sorry for that Billay, you may not always find that amusing, eh? Btadia kro jub over hun :P

I had to rummage through all his photo albums to pick the best ones out, by the way ( I`m sorry Billay if we don`t share the mutual liking for all your pics I`ll be posting up here :( But these are easily the ones I liked the best :) ) P.S: See that text on this pic? He wrote it up there for ME :') Because really, purple does make me go ^_^ Totally. I heart purple.

This is Bilal again with his best buddy. The name`s Afnan, and he`s a nice guy too. They play football together. Oh yeah, so Bilal really, really likes football.. he`s a die-hard Manchester United fan :D And he loves Rooney ( I don`t really recognize him by face and doesn`t even know his full name. Oh well -.- )

This is my favorite pic of his <3 I absolutely love the color of his sneaker in this one :P

And Oh, OH! he`s got a cat! And not just any cat at that. A very, VERY adorable one :D  And he loves it to bits.

It`s called Prince Pinchoo. 

Yes this thing is a real prince with an itsy bitsy crown to its claim ^_^

Aww... I lurveee this pic so much <3

And this. Its winking! See it? :D

I think its eyes looks like Damon`s in this one *_* All liquid-ey and deep...and cat-like :P 

Time for a lil sentimental talk now. By the way, before I start, this is the THIRD time I had to come back here to complete this post -.- Too many power failures at my place these days. Mr. Bilal Arif, you better count yourself grateful :P Soo... the big news about Bilal that I`ve been keeping from you all? Time for the big unveiling! * trumpets blowing in the background *

He`s a blogger now! :D

A new member in our intimate Blogosphere family so I thought what can be a better birthday present to him then to shout out about him. So, yes, you reader, care to drop by his blog? His only follower happens to be me :( Not that he ain`t good. He`s really good. And above all, he`s hilarious. Very entertaining. Like only a few days back, he diagnosed throat cancer for himself :P :P He had some symptoms and when he hit search on internet, they appeared to be the symptoms for Throat cancer. Everyone was like so damn worried but then he visited the doc and it turned out to be only a mild throat infection -.- :P
 So you see? he has this knack of jumping directly to conclusions without giving them much thought. And that`s precisely what I find most amusing about him :D :P


We`ve only met in March this year, but already he`s become one of my best friends, a brother I never had, and my FM buddy... He`s turned 15 today ( Ha, you`re still two years behind than me :P ) but he does look tall for his age. And today I confess that there were times when I`ve hurt him a lot, but he`s still around anyway. Looking after me as always :)

Thank you so much for being in my life, BFF. You make it all the more better.

Haha, yo! The grinning guy :D

That chubby, Humpty Dumpty look-alike you see? That`s Bilal. On his 3rd birthday :) I think.



  1. Lizzyyyyyyyy :')
    -hug <3 :)

    1. Aw,Yay! YOU LIKED IT! :D Mention not,dear,i love you too -hugs back :)

  2. Oh And Why Would You Discuss Pinchoo In My Birthday Blog??? :P

    1. Because I have a crush on Pinchoo,duh :P

  3. Awww that was such a cute bday wish from your end love :D
    A very happy bday to your friend. *touchwood* to your f'ship :D

  4. Great Lizmo :) <3 mind bowing :D :)

    1. You again? :P :P Hehehe,moi pleasure :) <3

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  6. Aw, he's lucky to have chu for a BFF :') Suchay sweet and beautiful gift for a birthday.
    The catty is a sweetheart, especially her winking pic <3 :D I had a white cat too, which got eaten by a hungry male cat :( :P
    Uff, the banner! I spent almost five minutes gazing at each lil pic. :D Your blog looks cooler now. <3
    P.S: How do you come up with so awesome titles?! :D
    DO keep posting mooree. It feels so good to stalk your blog again :P


    1. Aw,Bubbles! It`s always a pleasure having you on my blog :D Stalk. PLEASE stalk me more! :D :P Yeah,his cat is heart ^_^ Awww...tragic :( didn`t know male cats eat their females... O.o Discrimination,huh -.-
      Thanks immensely! :D <3 Made the header myself,in like 2 hours :P
      Hehehe,they`re awesome? Really? :P :D
      Muah,sure will doll! :) xox

    2. A big male cat :P He was known in our society as the cat eater, all the young cute female cats used to run away from him :D :D Funny story, isn't it? But its true *Sniff*
      Yes, esp. your special birthday wishing headline :) I love it.

    3. @bubbles True At The "Youre Lucky To Have A BFF Like Aliza" Part :) <3
      She's Not Just My BFF She Is The Bestest Thing That Could Ever Happen To Me. Oh And Yeah My Cat <3 :D
      btw felt very bad about your litle kitty :(

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  7. Aww this is a great birthday post for your best friend! :D

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  9. Hey happy birthday Bilal,my BFF's BFF!:P :)Hope you had an awesome one! \m/ :)
    LOVE your new layout,btw,E.P.I.C :D

    1. Thankyou @All she wrote :P It's A Little Awkward :D
      And Yeah I Had A Blast After The Most Special Wish <3 :')

    2. Meet my Bff,Bilal,Marium :D You do remember her,don`t you? ;) She`s the world`s best friend ever,tumse bhi badi best friend ha meri :D :P :P


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