Friday, 17 August 2012

Excitement in the air! :D

So tonight I post again. This is like my third post in just two weeks, I think. So you see? I`m not that big a couch potato anymore. I love you guys, really, and thus I drag myself out from that heavenly soft bed of mine, just to keep you guys updated about my boring, bogus life. Which I know you are not really interested in, but thou are awesome people, so ye read nevertheless.

Guess what?
I have one new follower! :D
Only a meager addition, if you ask me. But addition, God dammit. After, what, like MONTHS! *punches in the air victoriously*

Seems only yesterday when I was reading Izdiher`s blog post about Ramadan, and news on the telly were showing people welcoming this holy month whole-heartedly. Much to everyone`s sorrow- and delight- the month of blessings is almost over...Everyone`s devouring themselves with pakoras, aloo choley, dahi badey while they are at it, knowing it would only be after 365 days when they`ll actually eat this stuff again with such religious enthusiasm.
And the prospects of succeeding Eid-ul-fitr, the joys and the exuberance that it accompanies has inspired everyone to spend their every single minute in shopping malls, willingly getting themselves bankrupt, buying more outfits than they can possibly wear in just 3 days, letting the sly sales-people talk them into purchasing outlandish stuff cleverly passing them out as the newest fashion hits.

I too have been hit by this excitement fever. I shopped till I dropped almost two months ago for my cousins` weddings so my dad`s like all reluctant to buy us more dresses for eid, but since it IS eid afterall, we went on a shopping spree last and I ended up buying more stuff for myself than I was permitted to. Not proper Eid dresses, true, but I bought a grey and red casual dress, which is kinda cool with just a bit of red designing over grey base, and two shirts, lots of hand adornments, since I`ve got my nails grown up long all over again and it would be only a pity if if I don`t embellish my hands to complement the look ( ha-ha,I sound funny, no? No? Oh God, I`m hallucinating -.- I`m actually really, really sleepy right now,y`know? )
And ofcourse, me and my mum bought a lot of make-up. You should have seen all that stuff there. I was in heaven *_*  Teehee. Soon we were leaving the shop, bereft of all my mum`s money, our faces radiating sheer satisfaction as I happily clutched the treasure bag to my heart. I quickly managed to take in a long sniff from it and let out a dramatic, blissful sigh ( and consequently earned a funny stare from my mum), as the smell of cosmetics is one of my favourite fragrances in this whole, wide world.
While I dilly-dallied around, checking out some stuff, my mum drooled endlessly over shoes. Despite the fact that we were not supposed to buy more stuff, my mum`s puppy dog looks and the constant squeals of delight that escaped her lips melted my dad`s heart ( That`s just one thing that me and my mum has in common. We both act all girly around shoes.) He even let her buy two pairs of heels, one of which I totally, totally, TOTALLY love myself! They are black, strapped high heels, goes all the way up to five inches above the ankles. They ain`t my size though. And that`s excruciatingly tragic -.- *sulks*
Since my dad let my mum buy more than she was allowed to, I decided to strike the iron while it was still hot and innocently-on-purpose showed my father the red bag on which my heart was absolutely set on.
' No.' Came the uninterested, dull reply.
' What? But you just let mum have all the shoes she wanted!'
' So?'
' So...I was just showing anyway.'
And now I`m so, so jealous. I wish me and my mum were the same size so that we could share that gorgeous pair of heels ( What`s that thing about sharing? That it multiplies love or something? Yeah that. ) Anyway.

The big day is drawing nearer. With so much happening, all this hustle bustle, eid excitement and everything, yet I can`t get the full out of it all. Just because of my result. Yes, I do understand that you must be dead sick of me blabbing about my result in every single post of mine. But it`s just something you`d have to put up with. I`m an absolute nervous wreck,worried shit about my grades since everyone thinks I`m all brainy ( which I`m not.) and getting loads of As ain`t a big deal for me ( which it absolutely is.) and as I got an High Achiever last year, I might bag another one THIS year ( which is highly unlikely, considering the subjects I appeared for. ) Above all, I don`t want to let anyone down... They expect so, so much from me. Ah. Please, you, reader, spare a moment to pray for me.. I promise to repay you this little act of kindness someday in future. Totally.

Just when I typing the above, I realized that a bad news came my way today. Not one.. TWO, actually. First, and more significant, we had two consecutive bomb blasts in Karachi today. What, with Ramadan here and everything, how can anyone be so sinister? So heartless? :\
The other news, more intimately related to me than the first one, my Facebook account got hacked. I didn`t really let this idea haunt me, but it had been nagging me for quite some time. Stupid me. I didn`t even realize I was hacked until my newly re-found best guy friend, The Mask, freaked out. He wanted to know my hotmail password, but ehm, could you really blame an innocent, little girl with a memory as short-lived as a goldfish for letting such trivialities slip her mind? Now could you, eh? Specially with so much stuff to remember already :C
But he somehow ( and God knows how, at that :P ) blocked my account. So Yay him! The Mask saved the day!!! *dramatic Power puff girls music in the background*
No, he`s not going to mind being called that. He loves his new name,in fact :P And he`s one of the best guys I`ve ever known ( I`ve known VERY few good guys, mind that :P )
P.S: He`s a great guitarist. Here, take the link:, do check him out. And hey? SUBSCRIBE! ^__^

Currently I`ve got my nose buried in this really compelling book called Sophie`s world. And alongside, I`m also giving 'The map of bones' a read. Since both of them require your complete attention, with both intended for a more knowledgeable and thoughtful audience than me, I`m clearly inappropriate for the task. But I`m reading anyway :P Stopped readinng The map of bones a while ago, would read it later, after I`ve finished Sophie`s world. All you bloggers out there interested in Philosophy, that`s the book for you.

*Sigh* When will I learn to write less? -.- I always forget that certain people might not enjoy reading about my monotonous life as much as I love to blab about it. Accept apologies.

My pillow looks so welcoming right now,maybe I`d just retire from here, go and cuddle.

Tcs you all! :)


  1. Indeed a long post :P , but interesting nonetheless. I like being updated about my blogger friends lives. It's fun no, or am I plain boring? :D

    But congo on one new follower...may you have many more lovey :D

    1. Ah,tell you what? I love reading personal blogs too! There`s just something very interesting about them.. *high five*

      Thanks,and Ameen :D

  2. Now you have one more follower, but you have to write more! You are awesome too :)

    1. Aw,I love you! ^_^ Thanks for following,I`ll follow right back! and hehe,sure,I`ll make it a point to post more often :$ :)

  3. Ah, see? And you got one moree! :D
    Ooh. I hate shopping. Yes, I am very weird. So, my mom does all the shopping for me. She even buys all my dresses and I just hang around in her tail since no body else agrees to stay home with me -.-
    Uff, your dress sounds amazing. Cute color combination. :D
    Aww, why are you so much letting yourself down? And yes, I know how it feels when people start expecting from you only because they have done good in their first year. (I have a living example in my house -.-)
    I will prayy for youu on Chand raat since it is said that Allah listens to people praying on Chaand Raat because mostly Muslims are off to the market that night. :P So yeah, it's done. <3 And don't worry, whatever it comes, it'll be good. Have faith. :P
    Haha, I sound like a granny up there. >.< AND THIS COMMENT IS GOING VERYY LOONG.
    I lurved reading that post, and I love you for posting thrice a week.
    KEEP doing it, though!

    1. Your comment always makes my day,Bubbles,I hope you realize that :*
      Plzplz,pray for me,yes ^_^ Hehe,nai nai,u don`t sound like a granny,you sounded so sensible-and so helpful :D
      I lurveeeeee long comments <3 Let`s not forget I`m a literature student ;) :D
      I love you too,doll,and I sure will post soon again! :)
      Tcs xox

    A post with Eid Excitement!!! :D
    I can't wait for Eid!
    Even though I'm 17 and I pretty much have had my share of Eid nor do we have anything special planned but there's just something about Eid that makes my head go woozy with happiness xD

    Oh and I'm reading Lord Of the Rings these days :p

    1. I`m 17 too! -High five :D
      Teehee,so so true! Eid does still make me feel incredible yet there was just so much more to eid than just getting excited about it sitting back at homes when we were young,no? Ah,I miss those aala se days,terribly :(
      Oh I`ve tried reading that one :D Do lemme know about your opinion about it after you`re done :D

  5. bwhaha..u're lucky.i'm still a couch potato lol.great blog u have dear
    btw mind to check outmy newest post?

    1. Hehe,I still understand you though :P Comfy couches are just so tempting -.-
      Awww,thanks sweety! ^_^ Sure,I`ll check :)

  6. following u back dear. mind to follow each other via other ste? would be glad :D

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks doll,and yeah sure,which site? :P

  7. Great post dear! I really enjoyed it! thank you hun for your comment and the idea to follow each other! we definitely should do it! I'm following your blog from now on!



    1. Thanks much,following right back! :)

  8. See you've got another New Follower :P Dare to care about the feelings of those who complain about Long Post.. :)

    1. Yay new follower! :P Yeah,I should definitely work on coming up with shorter posts in future :$ :)

  9. Wow, I'm so sorry about the tragic news you've received. On a lighter note, I'd love to see photos of all your purchases!

    1. Thanks,I appreciate it much :) Oh yeah,sure,I may post them next time!


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