Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Doom`s day is tomorrow.

This post is going to be a joy for all those who hates my long, loooong posts. Because this is probably going to be my most brief post thus far :P

First things first, Eid Mubarak everyone! I hope each one of you succeeded in pooling up some real fortune ;)  To tell you the truth, I failed miserably at collecting much eidi this year *sniffs*

I will definitely post soon again and let you know all about how my eid went, but really, I absolutely HAD to post this one in urgency, so no time for much details right now.

So, it`s tomorrow.
Hey, now come on, remove that grin off your face, I KNOW you`ve all been really pissed off at me for blabbing constantly about my GCSE result, and I KNOW you`re absolutely ecstatic at the moment, but care to put yourself in my shoes? only THEN you`d know..  Well, so, this that it`s tomorrow and there`s something really, really weird going on in my stomach. Butterflies, maybe. But that`s milder. It`s a really scary rumbling sort of thing, as if I`m ravenous, even though I know I`m not. Perhaps because I`m such a ball of nerves right now. And everytime I think of tomorrow, I have an unwelcomed adrenaline rush. Argh, so hating this right now. I`m so freaked out I even got my hair cut into full, front bangs even though all my friends who have even the teensy bit knowledge about fashion warned me not to. And I`ve always known that fringes suit me better! But I just don`t know what got into me when I told my hair dresser that I wanted my beautiful, BEAUTIFUL fringes cropped shorter into bangs -.-
I don`t even want to sleep tonight! Because then tomorrow will arrive quicker.
The Mask said everything that`s gonna happen is probably what`s best for me, since he thinks that everything that ever happens is always great ( really? O.o ) I don`t really believe it, with all kind of bad stuff going on in my life, but I told him that I`ll agree with him when I get really good grades tomorrow ( fair enough :P )

I`ll definitely come back again to let you all know about my most dreaded grades, ciao for now! (:

Aliza xox


  1. Well she got 4 A*s and 2A. :D Now lemme say.. I told you so! :D ;D

      MashaAllah :)

    2. Hehe, yeah you told me so :P You did great too! :D


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