Thursday, 23 August 2012

Whoop dee doo! :D

Oh well, not exactly. I got 4 A* and 2 As but that`s more or less the same thing, no? :D Teehee, I got 100% scholarship! :D
My parents are truly ecstatic. I am too. Today I`ve been on cloud seven, like absolutely.
So, they mailed the result to us at 11. To those who registered actually :P And since I forgot to register until it was too late, I was all giddy.. walking restlessly around, tearing my hair off my scalp, sweat beads trickling down my backbone.. That kind of stuff. My dad was all anxious to know my result too, and together we made a futile attempt to register again, called my school twice, the Principal once, and a lot of my friends, until I eventually gave up trying. The school people told us to collect the result by 4 pm, but then later they started giving it out near 1:30 and by the time me and my friend reached the school, with disheveled hair, the staff was almost ready to take off. We begged them endlessly until they finally considered giving us the result, even though it was past their closing time.
With sweaty palms, I rummaged through the pile looking for my grade sheet, and you won`t believe how I felt when I checked out my grades :') I literally screamed in my friend`s ear, jumping and all (good thing we were the only people in the school  then :P )
I felt so excited, ecstatic, wonderful, proud, genius, all in one go! :D

Hehe, just a lil something I made on the paint app myself *troll face*

And now everyone`s going so crazy, they`re all so, SO happy for me, and really it`s totally overwhelming. And today I realized how important family and friends are in one`s life. You can`t really live your moment to its full until you have someone to appreciate you for it :')

So,that was it. The final talk about my result, I swear I won`t talk about it anymore,ciao! :D


  1. ZOMFHGG!! A gigantic, stupendous, and hugest Congratulaitions Lizzaayy!! :'D I knew you would do something like that, and there you were, underestimating yourself and all. :P
    4 A*s. *hugs-you-tight* There you go flying off in space :DD
    Which subjects you got that cute adorable A stars??
    And mighty congratulations again on such a tremendous achievement. Wish you all the more success in life! Keep scoring high like dish. :D
    PS. Wish me luck too. Though its quite early, but still :P Collecting all the year surely will make a difference, wouldn't it? :PP
    I'm soo happy for you. *screams*
    *Stares at the grades again* *Faints while still looking* :P
    Partaa-yy time for ya! And you deserve it. :')

    1. Hehe,awwww...thankyou so,so much for believing in my abilities Bubbles :') *gathers you in a big,big,bear hug!*
      Got A* in,you won`t believe this,Physics,Chemistry,Maths and Biology :P As in lang and lit,the subjects I was actually good in :P :P :D
      Mmuah! Loads of good luck! May you bag straight A*s! :D I know you will,the kind of genius you are :) :*
      Yeah,I`m getting all that royal treatment again! *sighs blissfully* I can so get used to this :')
      Thank you so,so much doll xox -hugs again.

  2. woah...the guy you keep blogging about(ur bestie)must be soo glad!!well maybe a little more than you...anyway, congratulations!!go out and celebrate=)({})

    1. Yeah,he`s glad,keeps giving me that 'I told you so!' line :P :D
      Thank you! :D :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    The feeling when one gets an amazing result= indescribable :)

    1. Thanks! :D never told me your result :( I`m DYING to know!
      Hehe,totally :')

  4. Congratulations dear! It's truly awesome to achieve results like these!Very inspiring post!



  5. congratulations! I can relate to the excitement of getting something you worked hard for!!

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  6. Fashion-Bridge: Oh,coming from you? I`m honoured,thanks! :)
    Anisha Pradahn: Thanks loads,and I`m glad you stopped by ^_^ xox

  7. Congrats ;)
    I know how that feels- Being on the seventh cloud and all ;)
    Cool post by the way, and yes- Thanks a bunch for following me ;)

  8. Congratulations on the excellent grades! That's such an accomplishment.

  9. Congratulations! May you achieve the same and better results( A* in all) in future! Ameen!


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