Tuesday, 4 September 2012

So much more to good, ol` life :)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And that`s precisely why I keep disappearing for a considerable time period. To keep you missing me and so that your fondness for me keep multiplying each passing day ^_^

     My school starts this Monday tomorrow. I`m so, so accustomed to this lazy, yummy, stress- and study-free life that I just know better not to return to my former hectic routine. Getting up early, hastily donning on the school uniform (good, ol` , dependable uniform... dull maybe, but always there to save the day. Spare me from worrying what to wear to school each day) and have my nose buried in books for all the hours God sends. My mum says 3 months is a looong break and I`m just being my lethargic, old self, had it been her, she would have been virtually dying to attend school again. Surely, she`s only trying to talk me into it, no? Since jut saying and actually doing it are two different things often not done simultaneously.
I was kinda hoping all the girls I didn`t quite like having around me, all those beauty AND the brains of my class from BLA, would just stay back. But no, they decide to stalk me all the way back to City! Just as much as I loved picking on my playground scabs until they bled, I just can`t resist hating them for being them. Even though I admit most of them are pretty sweet,the fact which only worsens my plight, as it only makes me feel guilty about my own, evil self. I totally hope their charm and genius does not over-shadow mine *giggles uncomfortably*
And I hope things work out for me in my next school. It`s actually kind of scary, identical to the way I felt when I started BLA as a first grader. I felt like a misfit, a fish out of water, like a perplexed new-born suddenly brought in this loud, populous,evil world from the serenity and the pleasant isolation of its mother`s womb..
And may things find their own right place to fall in for me.. New school, new people... it`s as if I`ve been granted another chance to represent myself as a better being to this world. Good thing I have my BFFS with me <3

This year`s eid has to be my best one thus far- after a long, long time. Eid has long seized to be a major affair for me since the day I grew up. I stopped making a big deal out of it, buying an eidi purse used to be a MUST accessory for me back then, and empty, un-patterned palms left me in a wretched mood. There was just something so incomplete about a bag-less eid with unadorned hands and new clothes. Not anymore though. In fact I ain`t even a henna fan anymore, the very smell of it makes me dizzy. But this year was a different story. I mysteriously felt so enthusiastic about it.. I even applied mehendi on my hands! And was feeling all restless and giddy over collecting as much eidi as I can. Just like childhood days.. I felt like a ten years old again and it was wow.

Except I couldn`t bag much eidi (less than I did last year :( ) But I had a lot of fun nonetheless.
On my first day, I had to wake up at 7 to help my mum with vermicilles, choley , and biryani stuff. One of the topper task was also to put the house (and myself :P ) into a spick and span state before my papa and chachu arrive after the eid salah. So I spent my entire first eid day texting the Mask, who was in a ditto penniless state as me ( Ah, ze satisfaction at such mutual kanglapan 3:) )
And I visited my lil friend, Ifrah, whom you all know as the Fashionista, the proud owner of the blog,' Confused teenager'. Yeah I know her personally, and she`s a total sweetheart! All cute and so much more capable than me ( she knows how to cook like almost everything you`d like to eat here in Pakistan. True that :| ) Sharam ani chahiye mujhe :P ( I should feel ashamed of myself ) She started blogging getting inspired of MY pitiful, lame blog ( even though it may not be much of an inspiration :P ) For an 8th grader, she writes so well! :)

This is Ifrah, in her purple shirt she bought for this eid :)
So we watched cocktail together ( stay hooked to my blog for the next post with my comments about the movie), laughed, ate, talked about clothes (and books.), painted nails and gossiped. All girly stuff particularly ;)
The second day was definitely an improvement over the first one. I visited my apia where my entire paternal family always gathers on special occasions. Played with her suchay-cute baby doll, and nibbled chocolates while texting ( my cell`s screen was all gooey and sticky,yikes.)

And here`s my yello mello telly tubby! <3

And before they served the dinner, me and my cousins had a crazy time playing dumb charades together, which always turns out to be so hilariously dumb :D After I had stuffed myself with as much food as my stomach could store, but with my heart still unsatisfied, I called it a night.
I spent my third day with the maternals. And as much as I found it the best eid day out of the three, it also was the worst since:

1. I got my hair cropped into this lousy, lousy hair cut which makes me look like a baby boy when I tie them up.
2. It was my GCSE result the next day ( hahaha, I`m leaving it right here. Fullstop. I`ve already ate your brains a lil too much about that :P )

So that`s all for now folks, hope to catch you back soon, toodles! xx :)


  1. Lovely post! I really enjoyed that day with you too! Thanks for all the compliments!

    1. Thanks,you totally deserve all of them xx

  2. Oh wow! these pics are absolutely amazing!




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