Friday, 7 September 2012

One down, lots more to go.

So I came back so soon to write about my first day at my A levels school. It was such an intimidating day, peculiarly gloomy with humidity in the air, the weather all sultry. And when I woke up in the morning to get ready, I realized with a sinking feeling that I wasn`t looking forward to my new school anymore. Since me and my BFF, we were both hell nervous  so we decided to go together, for moral support you see. I wore my blue plaid shirt, felt so scantily dressed ( for a very weird reason at that )

And oh God these bogus, my-supposed-to-be-full-bangs-but-looks-more-like-a-baby-cut hair from the front were SUCH an absolute mess! I contrived to gather them up in a pony but they`d just go all wild and lose them self out again, and consequently I ended up feeling so miserable, so crazy, so stupid, so hideous and all self-conscious the whole day!  -.-
   It started raining cats and dogs the very instant we got dropped in the morning, and got us both terribly wet and we couldn`t even find the right gate! At first I thought we were being ragged and I cursed the students with such a sick sense of humor but later we found out that there really is an other gate that is used by the students. We constantly thanked God for being together at least, I could like never have mustered enough courage to look for the other gate on my own :$ Despite being drenched to bones, I just couldn`t suppress my laughter, because you`ve got to admit, it was so funny! Teehee. 

Everywhere I looked, I saw perfectly gorgeous faces, and that only made me more than aware of my bangs which were in even worse a state than before, dripping and clustered together stuck on my forehead -.- A girl kept staring at me, that lil Ms.Perfect with her long, dry hair huh. I know I look really, really bad in this new, lousy haircut of mine but could just puh-leez give it a rest now? I was much self-conscious already, without her on my case. 

  So me and my BFFS? We all got split up. I`m the only BLAian in my class and I made got a lot of friends on my very first day! That`s quite of an achievement, no? Since every other person I met, who wasn`t in the same class as me, was snooty and proud of God-knows-what.
  Also, there`s an Edward look-alike in my class ;) Oh well, a way,way better version of Edward actually.He`s got this pale complexion and chiseled cheekbones, and is actually kinda cute and shy. Immune to the charm of girls around him, he silently remained glued to his seat the entire time, and even got ragged without protesting! The seniors made him up, and even robbed him of his money. I felt so sorry for him, the whole time my brain kept screaming ' But that ain`t ragging, it`s sheer bullying!' ...and  there`s a senior girl I don`t like, she`s petite and pretty and always has her hair down ( I bet I`d look almost as good as her too if I was allowed to roam about in school with my hair draping lose -.- ANYONE would -.- ) So she wouldn`t stop teasing and flirting with him.
The other shy personality in my class is a shy lil girl, and our fathers have the same name, so that almost makes us sisters. She looked so totally scared of all of us. I intend to befriend her the next time we meet, had I been in her shoes, I surely would have hated being so miserably alone. 
By the time they let us out, it was again raining heavily but this time I cherished it whole-heartedly as I was going back to my home sweet home <3
 Everyone went so crazy, the giggling and arms wide open under the naked sky, embracing the cool, rapid droplets! Bliss, I tell you.  

   The day altogether wasn`t as bad as I dreaded it would be, but it wasn`t exactly what I was so enthusiastic about. Guess I just had my hopes too high, and that always eventually hurts. More or less.

Looking forward to post more about my even-though-it-is-kinda-boring-these-days-but-it-does-get-a-lil-too-exciting-at-times life!
Stay hooked, ciao awesome people xox (:


  1. Replies
    1. Nah,the Gulshan branch.

    2. Oh right. I was looking forward to meeting you on monday :p

  2. The rainy day was pretty good that day! I was drenched in rain to on my way back home!

  3. OMG. Tell me about that so awful-plus-full-of-fun rain we had. And you don't KNOW, but I saw you coming out of the school, all drenched and head low, with all your opther friends. God, I got to see almost all of ya. You name it :P
    And there, waiting for my sister to come out, got me totally wet in my uniform. -_____-. But it was fun, I realized after soaking in City school. :PP
    Great. Lucky you to have someone Edward-like on your first day -___- Yes, my sister said the juniors this year were very pretty-pretty so I guess you'll have a very good time :P

    1. Pretty-pretty is understated :P Haha,really? Aw,I didnt see you! :( :D Hell yeah,it was so amazing, i loved it truly <3

  4. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog & following....
    I am following your blog too!!!! :-)
    Hope you have a fabulous day!!!!!!


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