Monday, 24 October 2011

A steaming mug of cocao and my old blue jeans (=

Now I know what they mean when they say that it doesn`t rain but 'pour' when the God plans that for you. Yeah,really,they ain`t kidding. I know because it has happened to me.

Two weeks back,you would`ve found a forlorn me accompanied by no one but my haunting school text books,cramming all that could get into my head (vacant-most of the time-but threatening to burst back then),or desperately trying to get a correct answer in Maths. I had a transient break-up  with my best friends,had deactivated my facebook account to protect myself from its uncontrollable lure,and someone had hacked my Hotmail id (if only I could get my paws on that evil someone -_- )  So I had been surviving without my connection with the outside world,living as if abandoned on an island. You get the whole picture,no?

Look at me now though. I`ve got a bowl full of nachos right in front of me,expecting me to dig in any moment now,complemented by  a can of chilled Pepsi,earphones plugged in my ears,tuned on to FM 91,swaying with the music (they`ve got 'Heartless' on air,by the way) I`m texting my bffs,Marium and Areeba,and ahem,the special someone. I`m ecstatic.

Also-yes-I`m watching TVD (The Vampire Diaries),thanks to Areeba,I`ve finally got all the episodes and I`ve only watched almost two episodes,I`m wholly and eternally a perpetual lover of  Damon! (Ian Somerhalder) He looks like Zac Efron. So. Much. Please temme you didn`t miss out the resembelence either ^_^  And,I completely abhore Elena :|  She kind of looks like a mixture of Amanda Bynes (when it comes down to her smile) and Selena Gomez. Her hair could SO use a hairstyle. They are too,erm,annoyingly pin straight. But God,I love her suede jackets and knee-length boots! <3 Also,I hate the fact that Damon fancies her (and that she`s the real life girlfriend of Ian *fumes* ) Her younger brother Jeremy,on the other hand,is downright cute and also the girl he`s after (her name skipped my mind) is super hot too. So there goes a perfect couple,hand in hand.

Besides,Caroline has been my favourite female character so far. She`s the exemplary blonde enemy I`ve always idealized. Hey,did you realize that all the female antagonists are most of the time blond? And the protagonist that sweet naive,brunette kind?`s that`s something to think about.

It has been a happy week for me altogether. First they made my best friend since childhood,Mariam (yeah we`ve been bestest friends for almost 16 years now (: ) our DEPUTY HEAD GIRL!!! :D Awesome,nah? Three cheers for her! <3

And then we celebrated two consecutive birthdays of my other two bffs,Areeba and Tayyaba  (Reebz` was on 17th October,and Tabz` on 19th) They are both Libras-and typical Libras at that. Freaking genious,pragmatic and too just. Something me and my bff ain`t (with me being a Pisces and Mariam a Cancer) We planned a surprise birthday party for Areeba. Intended to take her to Aladdin theme park,blind-folded. (That`s where Areeba wanted to celebrate her birthday) So we decided to take her to her dream place for celebrating her 17th birthday on 17th October,2011 (coinkidoinky,no? :D ) and she constantly kept dropping us hints about it. Me and Mariam apparently lacking that prowess and being lousy planners,tried to keep it secretive but ah..Areeba`s got too much brains for that. By home time,she had the entire thing figured out while me and Marz were still fretting over how to get to her place in the first place to put the surprise plan in action. And so,as desperate moments call for desperate measures,we got a ride with my friend`s brother. I`ve seen him after like 6 years,and believe me,it was weird. But we made it to her place anyway near 6:30 pm,and was welcomed by a fuming Areeba,wearing a somber expression,tear glistening in her big,chocolate-brown eyes. And yeah,for a second,we got all 'um,should we go back?' at the moment,because guess how Reebz greeted us like? 'Tum loug itne buray hoo!' and collapsed in sobs right in front of our surprised faces. Me and Mariam were like: 'Oh God! she doesn`t even KNOW how we got here!' but then we explained her the whole thing and she finally let us in ( yeah we`ve been having the entire convo right there on her door-step :P ) And then the rest of us arrived and we ended up in Pizza Hut instead of Aladdin. So much for our planning. I gave her a silver wrist watch for her birthday,and she found it cute (:
A compliment from the former birthday girl: 'Bohat flop birthday planners ho tum dono!' 
Hehehe,the day was,no doubt,a blast. Love you Areeba! :*

We favoured Tayyaba by sparing her from one of our disastrous surprises,but according to her 'This birthday has been the best birthday of her life.'
You see? All settled without Aliza being the saviour of the mankind.
I gave her a make-up kit (It was all glossy and pink,with a mirror and so glam!) and the best part: Tabz loved,loved,LOVED it! :D  So what else did I want except to make my sister happy? (=  Also,we had this meal organized for final year students at school. It went awesome too. First we began with an appetizer (Tabz` yummylicious pink cupcakes! <3 everyone was all like: what`s the recipe gal?!) and then garma garam chicken biryani,drinks and a big slice of chocolate chip cake made my-and Tayyaba`s-day. We played antakshiri,snapped pics and called it a day. And really,I envy Tabz for having such a fab birthday. Everything just fell in its place and I can`t help marvelling at the fact how unplanned it was,but everything went immaculately perfect,despite all of it. Think some perfect people are just destined to have perfect birthdays :') I`m evidently not one of them.

Oh,time for my big news!

I got 31 marks in CHEMISTRY!!! *grins so widely my cheeks ache*
Um,out of 60. But really,people have done worse than that,I even got FOUR stars in my paper. And Ms.A (just in case you haven`t been keeping track of my posts,she`s my Chem teacher) said she couldn`t believe it was MY paper she was checking. According to her 'considering my past chemistry records,this time,she definitely found me improved.' Yay me!

P.S: Those who cannot associate with my happiness at this-check out my previous post ''

And and and,he`s back! <3

I`ve got this newspaper to make-they`ve made me the head,and I haven`t been doing anything at all except for staring at them discussing the news and layout and all. I`m alien to all the news they keep talking about so I hit the iron while it was still hot and grabbed the entertainment section. Gossip is something I`ve got an inborne  knack of. I DID come with two-or three- creative ideas so do not just dissociate me as an utter loser for the head.
I`m covering the Pakistan Fashion Week (it`s my fave work! I can continue to do it for the rest of my life- IF I get enough money for it) and Atif Aslam`s Bol,the wave of sensation it has stimulated in India and all. I wish I could omit the important details and just blab about how much I loved which particular outfit and the models cladded in gorgeous dresses,flaunting their lean silhouettes. Or about how Atif has undergone a hideous transformation,but this isn`t how it goes,right?

I`m so relieved to finally blog about this all! I so wanted to get it out of my system-because for me,it was all totally blog worthy. I know I have been away for too long.. My net had gone undeniably insane and was refusing to sign me in to my dashboard. Moron. But I contrived to get in somehow. And it`s great to be amongst my blogger family folks again. So that`s another good thing that has happened to me this week ^_^
Best of all-it was Monday today and we had a day off school! Woohoo,how cool is that? :D

Ok,now I better retire to my bed and cuddle with 'The California club' the novel I`ve been reading for quite some time now. It`s by Belinda Jones,and ok so far but I`m expecting a bomb for an ending. I could already think of several way to conclude it and I`d be hell disappointed if Belinda has opted for a plainer conclusion. Fingers crossed!

I love you for reading thing!
Don`t forget to cat-walk! :D


  1. YAyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love VD too :D and Damon's my latest crush I mean he's soooo handsome but I hate Elena. She's expressionless :P reminds me of bella :P and She badlyyy needs a haircut *sighs*

    Huhhhh I hate that fact that they both r dating in reality :@

    jeremy's cool and CAroline's super awsm and if ur talking abt Bonnie I dont like her... Infact I havent like any of Jeremy's gfs :P

    Yayyyy girl I flunked my chemistry December test and re-test in college :P *High Five*

    Happy belated birthday's tour friends :D and Chocolate Cake yuumm yummm :D

  2. Yaaaay! we are practically sisters! :D I mean,sharing the same name and now the intrests too :D (But we cant share Damon,can we? ;) :P) I knoww..Elena is so very much like Bella :O God,weird I never noticed,but now that you mention it.. (: Nah..not Bonnie I guess :S The girl who gets attacked by a vampire? Im talking abt her (:

    *High five back!* Lol,maybe you are my inspiration? :P :D

    Thanks for the awesome comment! <3

  3. Major corrections, supposedly-BFF:P
    these days I AM A GEMINI!Blogger says so. *nose in the air*
    And Ms. A SAID she gave you those stars 'cause she thought it was my paper -_- Because,well *flips hair* "Mariyum's concepts were clear" :D

  4. And loved reading your post, got me laughing :D
    Keep posting! <3

  5. So so so much things I could comment here .. Feels like I will have to make a list :P :D

    I just so wish I cud start watching TVD again .. But the timings skip my mind :@ And I google-d Ian, he's so adorable :D

    Yay, cheeeers for her !! :D (I was absent tht day when they appointed them, so uptil now, I didn't knoe -_-)

    Congrats on passing in Chem, hahaha !! *winks* (:

    Soo cool they made u the leader, I'll be waiting for the newspaper-exhibit of yours :D :P

    Oh, and btw, Welcommee, welcommee Bacckkk :D :)
    PS. Kick your net when it doesn't work, this really do help me ;) :P

  6. BFF: Ahahaha,you are still a Cancer! You simply dont possess Gemini`s traits :P Yeah..your concepts were clear as your chem paper :P
    P.S: thanks ^_^

    Bubbles: aw,your comment is as sweet as the young,talented you! (:
    You can always get the episodes downloaded or watch em online. Haha,I know! I love him! :D
    Thanks,I got 91 out of 180 :p A mark saved me :P
    Sure,I hope it stands upto your expectations (:
    Omg,thankyouthankyouthankyou! *hugs you!*

  7. And you're tooo sweeet to be real :P :DD *wipes a tear* Thankyouu sho mush *khe khe khe* <3
    Haha, lucky you :D Dont worry I'll pray for you in your board exams, and then you'll pass with flying colours for sure ;) :PP
    *hugs tight back* :D
    DO keep posting :D

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  9. Tariq Mian: OMG,this is so embarrassing! I`m so sorry for the inconvenience,i was working on changing my font colour when I had a power failure and so the text remained black,ALONG with the background :$ I`d be most thankful if you read it now,I`m sure its very much visible now :P


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